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A client from Iraq

A client from Iraq

Project Description:

S is operating a supermarket chain in Iraq.

Customer Needs:

The client found arielcosmetic through google in December 2021 and needs to do moisturizing cream, gel mask, and facial scrub. All product formulas need to be added with additional Manuka honey. The outer packaging of the products needs to be customized gift boxes. The packaging design needs to conform to the style of the Middle East market, highlighting the golden color of the products, and each product is 5,000 pieces.


Arielcosmetic is the first time to make high-end gift box packaging for customers. The gift box is designed with upper and lower lids, and the paper is made of high-quality, heavy whiteboard paper. The outer box’s hardness, toughness, and compression resistance are the most significant advantages.

The surface logo uses a bronzing process, which looks beautiful and classy.

The inner lining is made of EVA material, which has no peculiar smell, high density, and is not easy to deform. This packaging method can make the product less prone to collision damage in international shipping.

We completed mass production in only 30 days during the project process.