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case three 1

A customer from America

Project Description:

M sells eye masks, lip masks, lip scrubs, mask mud, and other products on Amazon in the United States, operating two brands simultaneously. We have been working with clients since 2019.

Customer Needs:

In 2019, customers found us through Alibaba. At that time, the eye mask he sold encountered problems. His customer’s feedback was that it would irritate the eyes and leak the packaging. He wants us to help him solve these problems.


To solve the problem that the eye mask will irritate the eyes, we found an engineer to list the formula ingredients of the eye mask for customers to choose from. In terms of packaging, we re-selected new materials and designs to make the packaging surface design more Beautiful, did some leak-proof packaging tests, and sent samples to customers for testing.

After receiving the samples, after a period of testing, customers are satisfied with the fragrance of our formula, which is non-irritating, and there is no leakage in the packaging.

In the end, it started with 1,000 eye mask orders, and now we are the core supplier of both brands.