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A is from Australia

Project Description:

A is from Australia, specializing in facial care series. I saw the packaging design of Arielcosmetic and was very interested.

Customer Needs:

The customer has just started to sell products online and is interested in whitening and acne-removing products. He mainly wants to use the packaging materials’ feel, color, and uniqueness to attract customers’ attention. At the same time, the client said he is a brand that has just started, and the project budget is insufficient.


According to the customer’s demand for packaging materials, we learned that the customer wants to increase the competitiveness of their products by imitating the packaging material design of some hot-selling products. First, we analyzed and discussed with the design department and concluded that the requirements for MOQ and capital for customized packaging materials are relatively high. Arielcosmetic provides a design plan for stock packaging materials according to the customer’s MOQ and budget.