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C is from Italy 1

C is from Italy

Project Description:

C is from Italy, mainly engaged in skin care products and make-up. Through the exhibition, the offline agency model sells products.

Customer Needs:

This is the first time for the customer to make facial masks. He needs to make 100,000 non-woven facial masks with animal patterns. The outer packaging is made of aluminum bags, and the surface is to be printed with patterns. The client also expressed that his budget was insufficient and hoped to control the entire project’s cost while maintaining the same quality.


First, the customer is doing this project for the first time. Arielcosmetic designers design the creative design of product packaging, the logo is the original design file provided by the customer, and the formula is customized according to the customer’s needs for the product.

Because the customer said their budget was insufficient, Arielcosmetic canceled the outer packaging carton and used environmentally friendly PP bags as the outer packaging to help reduce costs. While reducing costs, it also contributes to the protection of the environment.