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A is to carry out skin care products business in Russia in an agency model 1

Flying Tiger is from Denmark

Project Description:

Flying Tiger is from Denmark and is an offline supermarket chain brand.

Customer Needs:

Because the customer wanted to develop a new product category to make skin care products, in 2018, he found Arielcosmetic through a British purchasing agent. He needed to make 500,000 non-woven face masks, and the formula and packaging needed to be customized. They specifically require that the product formula must pass EU regulations.


Due to the customer’s requirements for formulations, they must comply with EU regulations. Arielcosmetic conducts MSDS and COA testing on raw materials before mass production. The regulation department tests the product formula, and mass production starts. When the mass production is completed, the finished product is sent to a third party for testing and a product test report.

After the customer receives the bulk goods, they also need to send the testing data provided by us to the third-party organization in the customer’s country for testing. Only after passing the test can they meet the requirements of EU regulations.