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Guangzhou Taigua Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd 1

Guangzhou Taigua Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd

Project Description:

Guangzhou Taigua Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. has overseas warehouses and live broadcast bases in the United States. And has a lot of Internet celebrity resources.

Customer Needs:

In July 2022, the customer found Arielcosmetic and needed 26 skin care products with 200 pieces each, and the entire product production should be completed within 15 days. At the same time, we are asked to provide market hot product analysis, product pictures, and product marketing materials.


Arielcosmetic provides a one-stop service for this project from product selection, formulation, packaging, design, product filing, production, and logistics.

The product formula and packaging are what we have developed.

Our designer’s design products.

We provide filing in China and FDA filing information.

We finished all product production within 15 days.

The products are shipped to the United States by our designated logistics service provider.