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Hipdot is an American retail brand

Hipdot is an American retail brand

Project Description:

Hipdot is an American retail brand that mainly sells products online and offline.

Customer Needs:

In 2018, the customer’s purchasing agent found Arielcosmetic and had a new project to do, 5 types of non-woven face masks, each with 10,000 pieces.

Before order production, the customer entrusts his agent to come to our factory for inspection. Mainly check the following items.
     1. Management system
     2. R&D capability
     3. Quality and safety system
     4. Society and Responsibility


Arielcosmetic has been operating foreign trade business for many years, and we have passed ISO9001, GMPC, ISO22716, SEDEX, FDA, and other system certifications.

Client agent John came to Arielcosmetic to inspect the following items.

Personnel interview
· John randomly selects people from the company’s roster for the interview, and management cannot be present during the interview. The content of the interview is related to wages and working hours, working environment, social insurance, human rights, etc.

· Document review
John examined attendance records, payroll records, employee insurance certificates, fire inspection, drill documents, etc., provided by Arielcosmetic. John will use these essential documents to determine whether Arielcosmetic meets the requirements.

· Laboratory
John chatted with our chief engineer Dave about product development, raw material management, laboratory management, proofing process, and other topics, and checked the raw material MSDS, COA, and other information. Laboratory equipment.

· Factory
John first inspected the fire and emergency exits, the raw material storage workshop, the finished product storage workshop, the outer packaging workshop, and the packaging cleaning workshop. Secondly, in the emulsification workshop, He checked the production process list, operation process, batching process, equipment, and the sanitation environment of the workshop. Checked the cleaning process of water production equipment and pipes. Finally, the cleaning of the equipment and the production efficiency was checked in the filling room.

After completing the inspection of all items, John, the customer’s purchasing agent in China, signed a cooperation agreement with Arielcosmetic, and Arielcosmetic was Hipdot’s sole supplier of skin care products in China.