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I From Portugal 1

I From Portugal

Project Description:

I operate a skin care product business in Portugal, mainly online and offline stores. The main category is facial care products.

Customer Needs:

In November 2021, customers found Arielcosmetic through google,

The client needs to develop a new product, a facial serum with efficacy. Previously, the client purchased from Europe, but this is the first time to purchase in China and developed new products through Chinese suppliers.


After confirming the needs with the customer in detail, in formula development, our laboratory develops the product based on the efficacy, using 3% Resveratrol, 3% de Ferulic acid, 8% de Ascorbic acid, and these main ingredients are added to the product. The packaging is We provide solutions and design product packaging for free.

The customer wanted to place an order for 1000pcs serum before, and then we produced the product. However, we insist on sending samples to customers to test the products first, to confirm that there is no problem with the samples, and mass-producing the serum.

Follow up:

Customers receive our products for the first time and are very satisfied with our products’ efficacy, packaging, design, and service. We are already talking to us about the next new product project.