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KNC From USA 1


Project Description:

 K is from the United States and is an Internet celebrity blogger, mainly engaged in the eye, lip, and facial care products. Now annual sales of 15 million US dollars.

Customer Needs:

The client has been in contact with Arielcosmetic for 17 years. At that time, the customer started operating his eye mask, lip mask, and other products and found some suppliers worldwide. Since the customer’s MOQ is 30,000 pieces each, and the formula and packaging materials need to be customized, it cannot meet the MOQ requirements of other suppliers. Knowing these basic needs, Arielcosmetic took over the project.


When Arielcosmetic was operating the project, considering that to solve the problem of MOQ, we must first solve the problem of MOQ. First, we made 100,000 aluminum bags and put them in the warehouse to meet the packaging suppliers’ requirements. Quantity requirements. Regarding custom formulations, Arielcosmetic’s laboratories develop formulations that meet customer product needs. After operating the entire project, we are at a loss. However, Arielcosmetic has the mentality of cultivating customer brands and is willing to help customer brands grow up in the early stage.

Follow up:

After 18 years, the customer’s sales performance has continued to grow, and other sales categories have also increased, mainly by Arielcosmetic as a supplier. Arielcosmetic is also transforming into a flexible supply chain to help more customers realize low-cost startups.