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Shein From China 1

Shein From China

Project Description:

Shein is a fast-fashion export cross-border e-commerce company established in China, mainly engaged in clothing, beauty, personal care, and make-up. In 2021, Shein was developing the category of skin care products. It is precise because of this opportunity that Arielcosmetic and Shein started cooperation.

Customer Needs:

After contacting Shein’s purchasing manager, they prepared to sell from the Middle East market in the early stage, using the spot small batch order model. For example, when a customer places an order, Shein will send an urgent purchase order to Arielcosmetic through the system. If there is a product with good sales data, Shein will send a stocking order to Arielcosmtic, which will be shipped directly to Shein’s warehouse in China in advance.


Low MOQ and fast return orders are the most prominent features of Shein. To this end, Arielcosmetic produced a batch of serums, creams, toners, lotions, and other products. Synchronizing product information to the shein platform. In the process of cooperating with shein, our delivery time has always been 95% on time, and the customer score is above 4.5 points