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What is private label eye cream?

In order to better serve the market, Ariel Cosmetics introduced a private label service called “private label eye cream.” It is an excellent option for certain merchants who wish to enter the market on a low-cost basis or for those who are just getting started. Because it simply requires the selection of the suitable product from the manufacturer and the labeling of the selected packing material on the surface of the product, it is quite simple. Silk screen printing, label printing, and hot stamping are the most often used labeling technologies today. The label design can be adjusted on the fly according to the design elements that need to be emphasized. Create a competitive advantage over your competition in order to achieve your goal of generating low-cost, competitive items and molding your brand.

Introduction to eye cream classification

1. Differentiate eye creams according to skin type

(1) Dry skin
The moisturizing creamy eye cream is the perfect choice for the little fairy with dry skin since it includes more oil and nutrients, which may instantly moisturize the eye area, moisturize the eye skin, and prevent dry wrinkles from forming.
(2) Oily skin
Gel or gel-based eye creams are ideal for people who have oily skin and excessive oil secretion. This eye cream is relatively pleasant and non-greasy, and it has the ability to eliminate the problem of clogged pores on the eyes.
(3) Normal skin
Fairies with neutral skin have the most options, as long as the items are neither too sticky or too refreshing for their skin tone.

2. Differentiate eye creams according to their efficacy

(1) Moisturizing eye cream
Consider the possibility that the skin of the small fairies is dehydrated. In that situation, you can opt for a moisturizing eye cream that has a more effective hydrating impact on the eyes. This type of eye cream contains a high concentration of water-binding ingredients, which can effectively reduce the appearance of dry wrinkles around the eyes caused by a lack of water.
(2) Refreshing eye cream
If you’re looking for something a little more refreshing, opt for a gel texture or an eye cream. This type of eye cream may moisturize the eye skin in a refreshing manner, and because it does not contain oil, it will not cause the eye skin to become too nourished.
(3) Anti-dark circles eye cream
Dark circles and eye bags are more likely to develop if you spend a lot of time up late or use your eyes excessively. The little fairy who is experiencing this problem should choose an eye cream that reduces dark circles and eliminates eye bags from under her eyes.
(4) Firming eye cream
Girls with sagging under-eye skin can benefit from using a firming eye lotion. This eye cream has the ability to tighten the skin around the eyes, enhance the sagging skin around the eyes, and effectively reduce the appearance of puffiness.
(5) Whitening eye cream
Those who have dull eye skin can benefit from using a brightening eye lotion. The majority of whitening eye creams also feature a sunscreen component, which allows them to effectively block UV rays. Use over a long period of time can result in glowing, white skin around the eyes!
(6) Anti-wrinkle eye cream
Those who require anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle treatment can benefit from the usage of an eye cream that has an anti-aging impact. When used topically, this type of eye cream has been shown to successfully speed cell regeneration, improve suppleness of the eye muscles, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and prevent premature aging of the eye skin.

What are the advantages of our private label eye cream?

Perfect supply system

A complete supply system and supply chain support services are available under the Made in China brand, which is also known as the "World Factory." Ai Rui Cosmetics is based in Guangzhou, which is known as the Chinese cosmetics industry capital.

Variety of eye cream formulas

We have more than ten years of experience in the cosmetics industry under our belts. The mature formula system with more than 10,000 mature formulas established in accordance with US/EU laws covers practically all categories of skin care products and formula systems for skin disorders, as well as functional formula systems, among others.

Choosing the right packaging materials

10 various types of packaging materials to pick from to define your brand and provide a highly competitive minimum order quantity (MOQ) to improve your brand's products while also lowering your costs.

Eye cream production process

Consultation + proofing 1-3 days
packaging design 1-3 days
formula filing 10-15 days
packaging production 5-10 days
product production 5-10 days
product inspection 5-7 days
delivery immediately

How to choose an appropriate eye cream?

For modern women, eye cream is becoming increasingly significant, as the eyes serve as a gateway into their souls as well as a glimpse into their ageing. The elderly eyes are the first to get old. With each passing day, the meaning of this sentence becomes increasingly clear. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a closer look at one’s own eyes. It is the first to lose its luster. This is due to the fact that the skin around the eyes is the softest and most sensitive area of the body, and you must choose the appropriate eye cream for your consumers in order to assist them.

Moisturizing, shrinking, treating eye swelling (the eye bags that are more visible due to swelling can also be addressed), improving dry lines and fine lines, and maintaining the skin around the eyes compact and younger are all benefits of using this product.

Moisturizing type

It is intended for young people who have not yet developed dry lines, but who have developed dry lines in the previous year. All of the ingredients in this type of eye cream are necessary for hydrating and water-locking the skin around the eyes, which helps to compensate for the insufficient secretion of sebum film to prevent water loss and alleviate dryness around the eyes. The gel and lotion formulations are even more numerous. The cost of this form of eye cream is pretty modest, and it may be distributed to the student party in order to meet their eye skin care requirements.

Improve edema type

Caffeine is used in the formulation of this type of eye cream to help increase blood circulation. It is intended for persons who have thick swollen eyes, swollen eye bags, and edema that is easy to get. Massage helps to reduce edema by increasing blood circulation around the eyes. It also makes the eyes more appealing, more accessible to convey expressions, and more dynamic. It is important to note that while this type of eye cream is generally in essence, moisturizing power alone is not sufficient. It must be overlaid on top of itself in order to generate a double effect.

Tightening and anti-wrinkle type

Fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin around the eyes are already present in those who are only somewhat older. This type of eye cream has a more thorough effect than the previous types. Additionally, some antioxidants, peptides, and other compounds are included in addition to the basic elements such as moisturizing and edema-reducing agents. Free radicals have the ability to mitigate the damage caused by free radicals through the use of several antioxidant components and by acting as a sunscreen.

Recommendations for private label eye cream


Choosing the appropriate eye cream formula for your market’s product positioning is a critical first step in the process. You must be certain that the formula is appropriate for your target market before using it.


Depending on your financial budget, decide whether to label eye cream as eye cream or custom eye cream because the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for the two is still extremely different.


Because the market changes so frequently, you must test things as soon as possible. When the sales scenario on the market is not encouraging, you can rely on your brand labeling service to make swift adjustments to your market positioning.


Spending extra time picking packaging materials to separate your items from the competition will help you become more competitive in the market place.

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