Private Label Facial Cream

Formula complies with US&EU regulations
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What is private label facial cream?

Ariel Cosmetic has launched a private label service called “Private Label Facial Cream” in order to better serve the market. It’s a great option for some retailers to get started or enter the market at a cheap cost. Because it only needs to choose the right product from the manufacturer and then label the chosen packaging material on the outside. Silk screen printing, label printing, and hot stamping are the most common labeling procedures. The label design can be altered as needed to highlight the design demands. To reach your goal of generating low-cost, competitive items and shaping your brand, set yourself out from your competition.

Creams are classified as creams, lotions, gels, and face-repairing creams, according to the state.

Creams: The Cream Is Thick, Almost Paste-Like, And Contains Very Little Oil. It’s Primarily Used On Mixed And Normal Skin, But A Hydrating Ingredient Can Also Be Used On Dry And Sensitive Skin. They Can Be Distinguished Not Only From The Product Description, But Also From Their Appearance. They Have Less Fat If They Are Thinner, Like Cheese; If They Are Thick And Lustrous, They Have As Much Fat As Butter. The Content Must Be High.

Lotions:In A Semi-Liquid Condition, Emulsion Is A Little Thinner Than Cream, But There Are Two Types: High-Oil And Low-Oil. You Can Test The Grease Level On The Back Of Your Hand In Addition To Reading The Product Description. It Is Low-Fat And Ideal For Normal, Oily, And Combination Skin If It Absorbs Cleanly After A Few Minutes; If It Is More Or Less Shiny After Application, The Oil Content Is Relatively High. It Is Suitable For Dry And Sensitive Skin In General.

Gels:Gels Are Typically Clear Or Translucent, With A Low Fat Content, Making Them Ideal For Oily Skin. In Addition, In The Summer, They Are Ideal For Normal And Combination Skin. This Skin Care Product Can Be Used As A Primer If You Have Dry Or Sensitive Skin.

What Are The Advantages Of Our Private Label Facial Cream?

Perfect supply system

With a complete supply system and supply chain support services, Made in China is the "World Factory." Ai Rui Cosmetics is based in Guangzhou, China's cosmetics production capital.

Formulas for a wide range of creams

We have over ten years of experience in the cosmetics industry. The 10,000+ mature formula system established as a result of US/EU laws covers practically all categories of skincare goods and formula systems, including skin issues, functional formula systems, and so on.

Material choices for packaging

There are ten various packaging materials from which to pick to define your brand and provide a low MOQ to boost your brand's products while lowering costs.

Cream Production Process

Consultation + proofing 1-3 days
packaging design 1-3 days
formula filing 10-15 days
packaging production 5-10 days
product production 5-10 days
product inspection 5-7 days
delivery immediately

How To Choose The Correct Cream?

Moisturizing, brightening, and anti-aging creams are the three broad kinds of facial creams. It can improve the texture of the skin’s surface as well as skin tone uniformity.
High water content in moisturizing creams and lotions. Easy to penetrate the skin epidermis evenly and fast, absorb swiftly, and retain a lot of water. Moisturizing substances are easily kept, rather than immediately evaporated, and maintain a specified moisture level. It’s not greasy at all. The oil content is low, resulting in the finest oil control effect.


Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid), glycerin, amino acids, collagen, provitamin B5, AHA, etc. Glycerin is a typical moisturizing agent, but it mostly retains humidity by absorbing shallow water, making it unsuitable for the dry north.


The ingredients of whitening cream and lotion are safe. Non-irritating, non-alcoholic and mild. Whitening products that work too quickly are more irritating to the skin—good moisturizing effect. Whitening products usually do not moisturize enough, and it is easier to absorb whitening ingredients with sound moisturizing effects. Arbutin, tranexamic acid, ellagic acid, L-C and so on. It should be noted that certain whitening ingredients are prone to oxidation, so be careful to store and use.


Anti-aging creams and lotions have sound moisturizing effects. An excellent moisturizing effect can promote the absorption of anti-aging ingredients—good moisturizing effect. In addition to the lack of moisture in the aging skin, the oil content also decreases, and sufficient moisture can prevent wrinkles. Anti-aging ingredients. Vitamin A, collagen, peptide, and Q10, etc.

Recommendations for private label facial cream!


 Choosing the correct cream formula for your market’s product positioning is a must. You must make certain that the formula is appropriate for your target market.


Determine whether to go with private label or custom facial cream based on your financial budget, as the minimum order quantity for each is still rather varied.


You must test things fast because the market changes so frequently. When market sales aren’t looking good, you may rely on your brand labeling provider to immediately change your marketing plan.


To boost your competitiveness in the industry, you should spend more time picking packaging materials to differentiate your items.

Arielcosmetic is a trusted supplier of skin care private label

Formula development
10000+ mature formulas verified by FDA and EU, we can develop formulas according to customer samples or special requirements.

Free sample
3 days to deliver the samples after confirming the details.

Private label
A limited number of fully customizable private label skincare products are available.

Procurement of packaging materials
We work with a variety of packaging providers who specialize in different sorts of materials to meet a wide range of your packaging requirements.

We provide VCRP, TRA registration and support CPSR, CPNP registration with customers.

Value-added services
Free artwork design, free photography.

Amazon product approval and FBA shipping are supported, and goods can be temporarily stored in our warehouse for up to 30 days.

After-sales service
Response time is less than 24 hours, with excellent after-sales service and solutions. Never try to avoid taking responsibility. Our staff will take the lead in resolving the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

The types of face cream based on effects:
Anti-Aging Face Creams
Skin Protection With Face Cream
Face Cream To Keep Your Skin Hydrated
Treat Your Complexion With The Best Face Cream

Using a face cream is important because it keeps the moisture and elasticity in your skin, which can help reduce wrinkles, age spots and other fine lines. Face creams also act as a protective barrier for your skin. Look for products that say noncomedogenic, which means that it won’t block your pores and cause you to breakout.

Get in the habit of using face creams in your mid to late 20s. It’s a good idea to use one cream during the day and another at night. You’ll also want to be sure that you choose the right product for your skin type. If you’re not sure what your skin type is, start by asking your dermatologist.

Day and night creams differ in what they are supposed to do for your skin. At night you’re looking for a cream to penetrate deeper into your skin to help repair it. And with day creams, you’re looking for something to help protect your skin from the outside elements.

Day cream should be lighter and include:
Sunscreen. Look for a cream with long-acting sunscreen. This means a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher.
Vitamin C. It brightens skin, evens pigmentation and increases cell melanin to protect from the sun.

Night creams moisturize, sooth and repair your skin while you sleep. Ingredients should includes:
Retinols. This vitamin A derivative is anti-aging and helps with fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots. It can even out and brighten your skin tone. But beware, this over-the-counter agent is powerful and can cause irritation. Start with a very small amount three times a week and increase as tolerated. If you have sensitive skin, be especially careful.
Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAS) and beta-hydroxy acids. These agents are comprised ofcitric and other fruit acids and are good for dull or ashy looking skin. They gently exfoliate and soften skin and help the cream to penetrate your skin.
Hyaluronic acid (HA). This ingredient absorbs moisture to plump your skin and helps with fine lines, wrinkles and skin pigment issues.
Vitamin E. This antioxidant moisturizes skin and brightens complexion.
Resveratrol. An antioxidant that helps with stress.

Common used ingredients for sensitive skin facial cream:
Ceramides. These are natural proteins in the outer layers of the skin that keep moisture in and protect skin from environmental toxins. Older and sensitive skin tends to have less ceramides.
Glycerin. A natural humectant (moisturizer) that repairs skin.
Lactic acid. An exfoliant that removes the outer layer of dead skin cells, allowing moisturizers to better penetrate the skin.

Ingredients to avoid include:
Fragrances and perfumes. They can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.
Retinoic acid. This anti-aging ingredient that can irritate your skin.
Methylparabens/parabens. These cosmetic preservatives can cause allergic reactions and block your pores.
Salicylic acid. This exfoliant can irritate sensitive skin.

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