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Formula complies with US&EU regulations
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What is private label facial serum?

Ariel Cosmetics has launched a private label service called “Private Label Serum” in order to better serve the market. It’s a great option for some retailers to get started or enter the market at a cheap cost. Because it only needs to choose the right product from the manufacturer and then label the chosen packaging material on the outside. Silk screen printing, label printing, and hot stamping are the most common labeling procedures. The label design can be altered as needed to highlight the design demands. To reach your goal of generating low-cost, competitive items and shaping your brand, set yourself out from your competition.

Ariel cosmetics’ private label is divided into four categories.

Basic serum:What is an essential serum? It’s also known as a moisturizing serum, and it’s primarily used on the core system; nonetheless, its efficacy isn’t especially impressive. Skin dehydration can be efficiently treated with the moisturizing serum. The moisturizing factor helps to keep the dermis’ “gelatinous” nature, which is important for the health and function of other molecules in the skin’s dermis.

Whitening serum:The whitening serum’s principal role is to prevent melanin formation, neutralize melanin that has already developed, and metabolize melanin that has already formed. There are a variety of whitening serums on the market, some of which are powerful drugs and others which are difficult to say are efficient. Choosing only products with safe ingredients and visible whitening results is the best approach to prevent combining with fish eyes.

Repair serum:The repair serum primarily replaces the skin’s nutritional and moisture needs, increases the skin’s resistance, and stimulates and accelerates cell repair and regeneration to drive the skin metabolism, resulting in brighter and firmer skin.

Antioxidant serum:The anti-aging serum primarily repairs damaged elastic fibers or collagen while also encouraging collagen and elastin fiber multiplication. It’s a product whose efficacy isn’t immediately apparent, but it’s well worth the expenditure.

What are the advantages of our private label facial serum?

Optimal supply system

With a complete supply system and supply chain support services, Made in China is the "World Factory." Ariel Cosmetics is based in Guangzhou, China's cosmetics production capital.

Variety of serum formula

We have over ten years of experience in the cosmetics industry. The 10,000+ mature formula system established as a result of US/EU laws covers practically all categories of skincare goods and formula systems, including skin issues, functional formula systems, and so on.

Packaging material selection

To identify your brand and provide a very competitive MOQ to improve your brand's products and lower your costs, we provide ten various packaging materials to select from.

Serum production process

Consultation + proofing 1-3 days
packaging design 1-3 days
formula filing 10-15 days
packaging production 5-10 days
product production 5-10 days
product inspection 5-7 days
delivery immediately

How to choose the correct serum?

Confirm the efficacy, composition, qualification, texture, and other issues required by the consumer based on the needs of your target market for the product. Then select the appropriate product.

Main Efficacy

Whitening serum, repair serum, and anti-oxidation serum are the major effects.


Vitamin C serum, retinol serum, hyaluronic acid serum, acid serum.


It must meet US and EU laws, and the product must have CPSR, CPNP, and other qualification certificates.


Serum is an important component of skincare products. You can start by putting a drop on the back of your hand and then spreading it evenly. If serum isn't greasy, then its texture is superb.

Recommendations for private label facial serum!


Choosing the correct serum formula for your market’s product positioning is a must. You must make certain that the Formula is appropriate for your target market.


Determine whether to label or custom facial serum based on your financial budget, as the minimum order quantity for each is still quite varied.


You must test things fast because the market changes so frequently. When market sales aren’t looking good, you may rely on your brand labeling provider to immediately change your marketing plan.


 To boost your competitiveness in the industry, you should spend more time selecting packaging materials to differentiate your items.

Arielcosmetic is a trusted supplier of skin care labels

icon Formulation Development

Formula development

10000+ mature formulas verified by FDA and EU, we can develop formulas according to customer samples or special requirements.

icon Private Label

Private label

A limited number of fully customizable private label skincare products are available.

icon Certification


We provide VCRP, TRA registration and support CPSR, CPNP registration with customers.

icon Logistics


Amazon product approval and FBA shipping are supported, and goods can be temporarily stored in our warehouse for up to 30 days.

icon A Free Sample

Free sample

3 days to deliver the samples after confirming the details.

icon Packaging Material Procurement

Procurement of packaging materials

We work with a variety of packaging providers who specialize in different sorts of materials to meet a wide range of your packaging requirements.

icon Value Added Services

Value-added services

Free artwork design, free photography.

icon After Sales Service

After-sales service

Response time is less than 24 hours, with excellent after-sales service and solutions. Never try to avoid taking responsibility. Our staff will take the lead in resolving the issue.

Frequently asked questions

Serum is a skincare product you can apply to your skin after cleansing but before moisturizing with the intent of delivering powerful ingredients directly into the skin. Serum is particularly suited to this task because it is made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them a great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles. Most often, serums are clear, gel-based or liquid, and they tend to be less thick than a moisturizer. They’re typically applied before moisturizers to help lock in moisture.

Yes and no. Serums can be chock-full of moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, ceramides) to help skin retain moisture. But, that doesn't make them moisturizers in the traditional sense. Face lotions and creams are richer and create a barrier on top of the skin to keep all that good stuff in.

Traditional serums are water-based. Though, as the face oil trend grows (and there are more and more oils on the market), more oils are marketed as 'serums.' You can consider as the water-based serums and the oil-based serums. Water-based serums go under the cream and they are so important. They nourish the inner layer of the skin because the molecule is very small so it penetrates. The oil-based serums go on top of the moisturizer because they have a bigger molecule. They're supposed to keep the cream and whatever you put underneath moist during the entire day.

Essentially. Based on where they come in the routine (after cleansing, before moisturizing) and what function they serve (targeted skincare needs besides simple hydration) serums and essences are very similar. If anything, they differ in texture; Serums are gooier and more concentrated, while essences are watered-down with a more fluid texture.

Certain potent ingredients often found in serum can become unstable once they come in contact with air. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), for instace, can oxidize and lose efficacy over time. But thanks to science, modified versions of the ingredient (that are water-soluble, etc.) last longer so they can do your skin more good. Best rule of thumb is to store your vial in a cool, dry place (obviously) and use it up within six months to a year.

Everyone's skin is different, but on average, you should give it about seven weeks to see how your skin responds to a new serum routine. Depending on the serum and the current state of your skin, you might even see initial results — like slightly more hydrated skin — in just a few days, according to Kraffert. Generally, you should use a serum all over your face and neck twice daily, once in the morning and then again in the evening, before applying your moisturizer if you want to get the most bang for your buck, according to Lamb.

In general, face serums fall into the following categories:
- anti-aging serums
- skin-brightening serums
- hydrating serums
- free-radical fighting serums
- acne-prone and sensitive skin serums
- reparative/texture improvement serums

The MOQ of cleanser is mainly based on the packaging type, that is the packaging materials MOQ. Normally need 1000 to 5000pcs for serum bottles, and about 500pcs for customized sticker bottles package. We can make at 300pcs if use our stock formulation.

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