How To Private Label Face Serum?

First, you have to think well about your vision, brand, logo, and strategy. What kind of products do you want in your line? How do you plan to sell your product once it’s ready?
Then, define where do you want to sell it. This could be in your own a web shop, a beauty salon, social media channel, or boutique. Or are you more into e-commerce?
There is no question that you can build a profitable cosmetic company through private label, as its margins are usually excellent.

Private label serum is one of the latest business ideas in the cosmetic industry. Serum properties enhance the mere cosmetic features of creams and lotions and further improve one’s skin condition.

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Process Of Face Serum Private Label

Create your custom formulation

Best Vitamin Skin Serum Series contains top-rated Vitamin C Serum, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, and Retinol Serum. Other latest serums, antioxidant, deeply hydrating, moisturizing and anti-acne, target concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, acne, and dehydrated skin.

We have a lot of options to choose from. Read more about custom formulation HERE.

Create Your Custom Face Serum Packaging

How To Define MOQ Of Skin Care Private Label?

Bulk Materials MOQ

In most factories, the minimum emulsification machine tank size is 30KG, so it should produce the minimum amount of cream, toner, or serum which is at least 30KG. Otherwise, it is hard to control the parameters of the emulsification machine. For example, the MOQ of 30ml serum is 1000pcs based on the machine tank’s minimum capacity.

Packaging Material & Craft MOQ

The packaging materials’ MOQ differs. For example, most MOQ for plastic bottles is 5000 to 10000pcs while Glass bottles MOQ is 100000pcs.
The craft’s MOQ differs as well. The frosting MOQ is 5000pcs, the electroplate MOQ is 10000pcs, the water transfer is 10000pcs, the color coating MOQ is 5000pcs, and the silk screen printing and hot stampings’ MOQ is 3000pcs.
For most (start-up) companies and entrepreneurs, these volumes are simply too high to begin with. That’s where we make a difference. Because our manufacturing process is very flexible, we can start your brand from just 100 pieces per item and usually 500 to 1000pcs for the majority of our skincare and hair care products. We can make unique packaging design such as gold stamping, embossing, UV, and placing metallic details on the packaging that is the same as OEM order of quantity which is 10000pcs. And if you make it big and your products are selling out quickly, we can just as easily produce 10,000 pieces as well!

Ariel tries to source standard packaging materials available in smaller quantities to make private labels possible. It needs to be checked. You may download the Face Serum Packaging Catalog if you need to check them out.

Lead Time Of Face Serum Private Label

The average lead time is about 10 to 15 days for customized private labels if based on standard blank packaging products and standard formulations. It only needs customized stickers and boxes with customer’s own unique design. We will then assemble everything for ship out.
Assuming there is no available face serum packaging in stock, or for different surface treatment such as Electroplate/Water Transfer/Color Coating/UV Coating/Painting, the lead time increases to about 25 to 35days.

If the customer wants to create and use a customized formulation, the production lead time is about 20 to 25 days. The longer lead time is due to customized formulation materials production and microbiological tests, which will take 7 to 10 days at least.

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How To Work With A Face Serum Private Label Manufacturer?

To start with your brand skincare business efficiently and professionally, finding the best private label skin care manufacturer is perhaps the most critical decision you will make. To assist you in coming up to this decision, here are some things to consider:

icon number 1  Remember, you are setting up a strategic partnership; you must find a reputable manufacturer. Working with natural skin care private label manufacturer. Always check listings (and reviews if possible) to verify the genuineness of the company.

icon number 1  Ask for recommendations from other companies or industry trade groups. Investigating each manufacturer’s history, processes, and quality control ensures that you found a trustworthy partner.

icon number 1  Always ask each manufacturer how long they have been in business. You are putting your money, brand reputation, and formulations into the manufacturer’s hands. It is essential to find someone who has the experience and knowledge to produce quality products.

icon number 1  Pay attention to the service you receive before you sign a contract. If they are attentive during your exploration process, they will be more likely to be responsive when choosing your chosen manufacturer.

icon number 1  Ask about additional charges. Hidden costs may include manufacturing minimums, storage fees, and transportation costs.

icon number 1  Find out which manufacturers are on the cutting edge of the industry, working with the hottest brands and helping them launch lines with unique and effective raw materials. This is the manufacturer you want.

Tips For Private Label Face Serum

Several tips are for you if you are a small business owner and want to start your skincare business.

icon number 1  Emphasize and clarify what products you want to order based on your market plan. If you target high-end customers with your high quality or a high volume of products with a competitive price, and which sales channels you want to sell your products, you can define the specific requirements for your products.

icon number 1 Try to control the total cost of your first trial order. It is hard to estimate the market performance even if you have a good business plan, so try to control the total cost of the first order to reduce the risk of loss, and at the same time, you can switch to another product if you failed the first trial order.

icon number 1 Quick private label build is significant. You have to move quickly on your project so that you have enough time to “test the waters”. It also gives you the chance to switch to other products or projects if the current product’s sales are not good. Trial and error and quick change is key to e-commerce business today.

icon number 1 Find a private label company that matches your business requirements. Small customized packaging solutions, mature formulations, and quick private label products are critical factors in making private labels business successful.

Services We Provided For Private Labels

We provide associated value-added services for private labels to help small business owners or individuals realize their dreams. We provide value-added services like logo design, artwork design, product photography, packaging materials sourcing, and logistics management. With such additional services, we can make our customers focus on their core business of marketing.

Formulation development

we can develop formulation based on customer samples or special requirements.

Private labeling

We provide total customized private label skincare with small quantity.

Package materials sourcing

we cooperated with high qualified package suppliers to support various customer’s requirements.


We provide free FDA registration, and support CPNP/CPSR register to customer.

Value added service

Free artwork design, free photography, free sampling, free FDA registration.


Support Amazon products approval and FBA shipment, door to door shipment solution to most of Europe countries and USA.
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