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Is DAME Worth Buying?

Anti-aging skincare ingredients are the focal point of practically all skincare manufacturers. The beauty care products industry is more concerned about anti-aging. Face creams and serums labeled as “anti-aging” are easily accessible, and their worth is taking off.

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) is a member of the significant skincare manufacturers’ laboratories. As a simple organic entity, DAME is an all-rounder that can help, assist, and export, but it has been in an awkward situation for quite a while.

Be a good assistant
Compared to skincare products, DAME has a long history as an oral health product called Deanol. After oral medication, DAME can be converted into a type of nerve mediator called Choline in the body, which can improve ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological diseases. However, on the health care product shelves in North America, there is naturally no shortage of products that have a bit of “stupid tax”. Large health care companies such as Jamieson or Webber have given up Deanol.

However, daily chemical enterprises and cosmetics companies have not abandoned DMAE. DMAE is not as well-known as anti-aging ingredients such as retinol and resveratrol. Nevertheless, it is an anti-aging skincare ingredient that has been popular in Europe and America for many years and is usually added to more high-end professional anti-aging skincare products.

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The main purpose of adding DMAE in skin care products is to tighten the skin. It has the effect of tightening and lifting the skin and can improve wrinkles and the shape of the face. However, there are very few products on the market with DAME as the primary ingredient. In contrast to retinol, which is the strongest output in the minds of the ingredient-centric, DMAE is more like a supporter:
Retinol can be converted into A acid in cells. It is the most comprehensive over-the-counter ingredient known for anti-aging research and ability. It can not only reverse the signs of aging but also inhibits inflammation and promotes cell renewal. Unfortunately, it is also more irritating.
The role of DMAE is now limited to improving the signs of aging on the surface, but its advantage is that it is less irritating and effective.
Retinol, also known as Alcohol A, is currently the most recognized effective ingredient for reversing aging in the medical field, and DMAE is usually used to assist it.

Violent output
Human skin is divided into epidermis and dermis. The epidermis is a powerful waterproof protective layer. While protecting the dermis, it also prevents many effective molecules from entering the dermis. DMAE can penetrate the dermis and increase it effectively.
Its excellent transdermal ability also allows it to play other roles in the skin. Compared with resveratrol, DMAE can be mixed with ordinary creams and used directly. However, when resveratrol is used directly, its transdermal ability and stability can be said to be horrible, even with the help of micro and nano-carriers to reach the dermis.


The skin is made up of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue, which is difficult for ordinary molecules to penetrate

The “mobile agent” of collagen
Insufficient collagen caused by aging is the prime culprit of wrinkles. After entering the dermis, DMAE will stimulate collagen formation so that the skin regains elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Moreover, DMAE takes effect very quickly and can significantly improve the dermis in eight weeks; although its principle remains to study, its “mobilization” effect on collagen is beyond doubt.


Figure A, B, and C show the skin tissue of the control group, mice treated with ordinary cream only, and mice treated with DMAE cream, respectively. It can be seen that the dermal tissue (the light red part) of C is thicker

Anti-sugar and anti-aging
DMAE can not only repair the dermis but also delay skin aging to a certain extent.
In 2014, researchers injected mice with d-semi lactose to induce the skin to age faster and then injected mice with a mixture of DMAE and amino acids. DMAE and amino acids significantly increase collagen content and the thickness of the dermis and inhibit the activity of TIMP-1, which plays a vital role in skin aging and dermis degradation.

What comes next
Although DMAE has a powerful firming and lifting effect, its limitation is that there are too many substitutes, such as perfect and comprehensive retinol, green tee polyphenols, various peptides, and even a variety of medical beauty. Moreover, the research on it is still lacking, and the working principle is still unclear.

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