Private Label Facial Oil

Formula complies with US&EU regulations,The quickest delivery time is 7 days

facial oil serum wholesale

Advantages Of Our Private Label Facial Oil

💡 20+ experience in cosmetic industry, accept small MOQ demand

💡 Passed ISO9001, GMPC, ISO22716, BSCI, SEDEX, FDA

💡 A team of experienced engineers develops formulas to ensure that the products are suitable for your needs

💡 20000+ square meters 100,000-level GMPC production workshop, fast delivery capacity

💡 Skin care products full-category packaging supply chain supporting

💡 Professional pre-sales and after-sales teams meet your needs and respond quickly

Skin Care Private Label Process


icon consult
consultation + sampling 1-3 days
icon design
packaging design 1-3 days
icon packaging
packaging production 5-10 days
icon put on records
formula testing & filing 10-15 days
icon product production
final packaging 3-5 days
icon product inspection
final inspection 1-3 days
icon delivery immediately
delivery immediately

Private Label Facial Oil Ingredients Solution

Blue Tansy Face Oil

– Relieves irritation and sensitive skin
– Provides deep hydration and refreshes dry skin
– Helps to relieve redness and itchiness for perfect healthy complexion

Calendula Facial Oil

– Helps rejuvenate dull skin
– Provides all day hydration
– Soothes skin irritation, moisturizes dry and sensitive skin

Jasmine Facial Oil

– Provides natural hydration
– Leaves skin feeling nourished, smooth, and supple
– Helps to fight the signs of premature skin aging

Rose Camellia Face Oil

– Leaves skin supple and hydrated
– Diminishes the effects of free radicals on skin
– Helps improve the firmness of aging skin

Rose Face Oil

– A potent brightener and elasticity booster
– Improves skin elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
– Increases skin radiance by improving texture and suppleness

Rosehip Face Oil

– Works as a natural anti-aging solution
– Improves skin elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
– Reduces stretch marks, acne marks, fine lines and scars

Grape Seed Facial Oil

– Soothes and calms skin
– Works to support natural collagen and elastin production
– For plumper, firmer-looking skin

Restoring Face Oil

– Nourishes the skin
– Helps to instantly revitalize, moisturize, calm and smooth skin
– Instantly replenishes moisture for smoother, softer skin

Hemp Seed Face Oil

– Keeps skin hydrated, nourished and soothed
– Helps to instantly revitalize, moisturize, calm and smooth skin
– Helps calm, nourish and moisturize tired, dull and dehydrated skin

24k Gold Face Oil

– Fast absorbing & non-greasy
– Gives your skin a dose of instant hydration
– Helps lift and firm skin’s appearance

facial oil serum wholesale

Private Label Facial Oil Packaging Solution

Why Choose Ariel Cosmetic

High Quality


Ariel Cosmetics firmly believes in complying with standards. We have ISO9001, GMPC, ISO22716 certifications, and industry-recognized quality, efficiency, safety, and risk management standards. We are equipped with experienced QC professionals to ensure strict inspection and 100% compliance with your requirements and specifications.

Fast Delivery


In order to respond to the rapid changes in the market, our production line adopts fully automatic equipment, stocks raw materials in advance, and is equipped with skilled workers. We ensure that even the most urgent deadlines can be fully met, whether mass production or small-scale production. Mass production.

Variety Of Formulas


We have accumulated more than 10 years in the cosmetics industry. The 10,000+ mature formula system developed through US/EU regulations covers almost all categories of skin care products and formula systems for skin problems, functional formula systems, etc.

Choice Of Packaging Materials


10 kinds of different packaging materials to choose to differentiate your brand and provide a very competitive MOQ to improve your brand’s products and to reduce your costs.



The philosophy of Ariel Cosmetic is to help customers create their brands. As small and medium-sized enterprises, the high MOQ means that their inventory and cash flow are bound to have significant risks. Our low MOQ is also a great advantage.

Value-Added Services


Ariel Cosmetic will provide you with free samples, free designs, free photos, as well as temporary storage and logistics services. At the same time, we can also assist you in registering the product certification and other materials required by your target market.

Client Feedback

Frequently asked questions

Face oils are designed to provide skin with moisture and lock in hydration. Typically formulated with a mixture of plant oils, this essential comes in handy to soften, nourish, and balance skin for a healthy-looking glow.

Step 1:Apply a few drops of oil to your fingers or directly to the skin

Step 2: Massage into the skin for 30 or more seconds until the oil has absorbed

Step 3: Apply two times daily for three or more months for best results

Oils are part of the moisturizing process. ... "In order to be a really effective moisturizer, you need to have both the occlusive to lock in the moisture and the humectant to draw in that water. That's what really makes a proper moisturizer.

You can also use the oil as a facial moisturizer, placing a few drops onto bare skin, following your cleansing or toner. However, while the oils will help deliver moisture and nutrients  to your skin, you may find (especially if you have drier skin) that you still want to top it off with your regular moisturizer, to help seal in the moisture and nutrients.You can also add a few drops into your usual moisturizer or lotion.

Facial oils are totally worth the hype. ... The skin needs oil to maintain a healthy balance, otherwise, it gets too dry which can cause breakouts, fine lines, and wrinkles. Using a facial oil helps keep moisture in the skin while protecting it from the environmental damage.

Face oils is a must-have skincare product. If you live in or travel to dry and cold climates, they do wonders for your skin during the day as well as at night. Sleep in air-conditioning? Slather on an oil at night to keep your skin happy, hydrated and well-fed. Keep on reading for our take on what oils to try for different skin concerns.

Because many face oils are high in essential fatty acids, they can assist in balancing oily skin types by replenishing key fatty acids and giving hydration without leaving a greasy residue. Oils, in addition to their moisture-boosting qualities, can also provide protection for the skin. “Oils can retain water due to their lipophilicity (the ability to interact with or dissolve in lipids or fats). Additionally, oils aid in the strengthening and repair of our own natural skin barrier, as well as skin plumpness.

As you age, your skin generates less oil, making you more susceptible to drying out. For many women, this exaggerates the appearance of wrinkles. According to Anis, face oils help "decrease your wrinkles" because they include "vital elements such as antioxidants" and absorb fast into the skin, minimizing water loss and maintaining the skin's plumpness. Antioxidants stimulate collagen formation and improve skin suppleness, resulting in the reduction of fine wrinkles. The best oils for aging skin include the following: Argania spinosa and rosehip seed.

Whether your dry, parched skin is seasonal or year-round, face oils can help. Face oils that absorb quickly and are nutrient-dense help to deeply hydrate and smooth your skin. For parched skin, you may want to start with a hydrating serum and follow with a moisturizing oil to lock in the serum's effects. The best oils for dry skin include the following: Argan, maracuja, olive, sunflower, jojoba, and coconut oils.

Antioxidants that fight free radicals also preserve your skin and help prevent future damage by lowering cellular oxidation, one of the processes that contribute to skin aging. By combating free radicals, products containing primrose oil or a vitamin E basis protect against and mitigate UV damage. (However, they do not prevent ultraviolet radiation.) Apply sunscreen to your skin after massaging a few drops of face oil into it in the morning. Face oils are anti-inflammatory, which means they can soothe the face and help prevent rashes. Primrose, argan, and yangu are the best oils for sensitive/damaged skin.

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