24k Gold Hydrating Hydrogel Eye Mask

It can replenish moisture, eliminate fatigue, and quickly reduce edema and dark circles in a short period of time.

Details About 24k Gold Hydrating Hydrogel Eye Mask


The collagen gel eye mask formula is perfectly developed to reduce puffiness and eliminate dark circles.

Intensive skincare providing highly under eye skin hydrating and long-lasting moisturizing effect. The eye mask lightens the dark circles and tired under eye area making it radiant and healthy like spa treatment eye mask. Collagen mask is the instant eye puffiness treatment and for wrinkles around the eyes.


SODIUM HYALURONATE:Hyaluronic acid would promote skin nutrient absorption and has strong wrinkle-removing function, which can increase skin elasticity and delay skin aging.

HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN:Hydrolyzed Collagen has pure natural moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, ecchymosis, etc. Collagen in skin care products can help the skin lock in water molecules, so it has a very good moisturizing effect.

GOLD:The negative ions carried by the broken gold can promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, relieve skin aging, and firm the skin to yellow gas.
Make your skin look younger and more energetic.

RETINOL(VITAMIN A):Retinol, also known as vitamin A, is a fat-soluble alcoholic substance that has the function of regulating the metabolism of the epidermis and the stratum corneum. It can resist aging, reduce sebum overflow, dilute the epidermal pigment, and protect the epidermal mucosa from bacteria.

TOCOPHEROL:  It has a good anti-oxidant effect and is a good nutrient moisturizer for the skin, which makes the skin soft and maintains moisture, improves rough and dry skin and improves freckles.

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