Blue-light Blocking Face Spray

The professional Blue-light Blocking face spray containing Dendrobium Candidum Extract and Ceramides 3 instantly brighten the appearance of dull skin, hydrate & protect from the damaging effects of blue light & pollution with this face mist.

Details About Blue-light Blocking Face Spray










Blue light is a type of electromagnetic radiation with a very short wavelength that produces a high amount of energy. It can damage your skin under certain circumstances, but this spray can protect your skin from the external environment and block all kinds of radiation, ultraviolet rays, etc. in daily time.



DENDROBIUM CANDIDUM EXTRACTDendrobium Candidum Extract can eliminate a variety of free radicals, so it can be used as an antioxidant. In addition, it has the function of absorbing water under low humidity and has a moisturizing effect.

CERAMIDES 3It is a natural moisturizing factor and an important oily skin rejuvenating ingredient in the stratum corneum. It can build and maintain the skin’s barrier and fill the gaps in keratin loss caused by excessive cleansing.

ACTINIDIA CHINENSIS SITOSA EXTRACT:  Because It contains phenolic compounds, these ingredients have a strong antioxidant effect.

ARTEMISIA CAPILLARIS FLOWER EXTRACT:  It is used in cosmetic formulations to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and reduce the production of melanin, thereby achieving the whitening effect. At the same time, it can lock the moisture for the skin for a long time and make the skin white and moisturized.

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