Blue Tansy Face Oil

The Blue Tansy Facial Oil improves skin hydration providing even skin tone. Assist in reducing facial redness.


Nourishing & Antioxidant

Skin Type:

All Skin Type


1.05 OZ/30 ml




OEM, ODM, Private Label, Wholesales

Shelf life:

3 Years



Details About Blue Tansy Face Oil


Our Blue Tansy Face Oil provides relief from irritation, inflammation, and other skin concerns caused by acne, acne scars, eczema, rosacea, and others. Facial Oil to Clarify & Calm dry and itchy skin, flaking, and skin redness.


TANACETUM ANNUUM (BLUE TANSY) FLOWER OIL:Soothes irritating skin, it has good curative effect on inflamed wounds, itching, erythema, sunburned skin, and rosacea. It can repair broken microvessels, improve elasticity, and is excellent for dry and itchy skin. Very Good skin cleansing essential oils.

ROSA RUGOSA FLOWER OIL: It can improve the aroma of the product, mask the bad odor, can be used as an antioxidant, prevent aging, enhance cell activity, have a skin-reducing effect, and can assist whitening.

OLEA EUROPAEA (OLIVE) FRUIT OIL: It is a natural emollient that deeply nourishes the skin. It has a fragrant and elegant aroma and excellent extensibility on the skin, making it an ideal carrier for massage or care products. It can increase the moisturizing properties of creams, lotions and soaps.

VITIS VINIFERA(GRAPE) SEED OIL: Extends cell life and fights against early signs of aging.

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