Sapindus Mukurossi Face Cleanser

This cleanser gently cleanses and removes dirt, oil, and makeup without leaving skin feeling tight or dry.


Clearing, Pore Cleansing, Nourishing, Brightening

Skin Type:

All Skin Type


3.4 fl.oz / 100 ml




OEM, ODM, Private Label, Wholesales

Shelf life:

3 Years



Details About Sapindus Mukurossi Face Cleanser


The facial cleanser is rich in Sapindus Mukorossi Extract, which has a delicate touch and strong detergency, which can improve the quality of the skin and make the skin delicate, shiny and elastic. It also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and free radical removing effects.


SAPINDUS MUKUROSSI FRUIT EXTRACT:Contains saponin, as long as it is rubbed with water, it will produce foam It has strong decontamination ability, is easily degraded, has no harmful residues, is simple and convenient to rinse, has no peculiar smell, is less irritating to the skin, and can be used for skin cleaning.

DENDROBIUM CANDIDUM EXTRACT: Dendrobium Candidum Extract can eliminate a variety of free radicals, so it can be used as an antioxidant. In addition, it has the function of absorbing water under low humidity and has a moisturizing effect.

TREHALOSE: Increase the hydration function of cells and have good moisturizing properties.

OPUNTIA STREPTACANTHA ROOT EXTRACT: It has antibacterial properties and has a control effect on acne caused by high androgen. It can also promote the production of skin growth factors, has a skin-activating effect, and can be used in anti-aging cosmetics.

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