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16 Years of skin care manufacturing,Exported to 85 countries,Customizable formula,Support low MOQ Private Label,Support stock wholesale.

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R&D Room
Water Treatment
Emulsification workshop

Custom Skincare Process (OEM/ODM)

Custom Skincare Process1
Customer Requirements
Custom Skincare Process2
Formulation Development 3 Days
Custom Skincare Process3
Samples Build 3 Days
Custom Skincare Process4
Package Material Production 3 Days
Custom Skincare Process5
Mass Production 15 to 25 Days
Custom Skincare Process6

Private Label Skincare Process

Private Label Process1
Formulation Review
Private Label Process2
Package Design 1 Days
Private Label Process3
Samples Approval Customer
Private Label Process4 1
Package Material Production 3 Days
Private Label Process5
Mass Production 7 to 10 Days
Custom Skincare Process6

Skin Care Manufacturer Certificate


Best private label skin care manufacturer

Ariel Biotech is located in Guangzhou China, we have been in cosmetics industry for 22 years mainly for skincare of professional beauty salons. We are among the top 50 best manufacturers in China.

Ariel Biotech supplies private label cosmetics by assisting companies and individuals like you in building brands that reflect and enhance your company’s unique image at easier approach. We develop, create, manufacture and ship private label products to make-up artists, e-commercial owners, salons, spas and variety of beauty brands and manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Find the most suitable skin care manufacturer for your private label

private lable01

When you dream of making your own brand skin care business, you always think about the key factors that will impact your business. How to promote your image in the market, how to find the best skin care manufacturer to make your products, how to control the total cost during you launch your brand private label skin care?

I summarized some tips on how to develop your brand skin care based on my 20 years of experience as a strategy sourcing director in a European multinational company and business development director in the skin care industry.

private lable02

Essential tips before start skin care private label Manufacturer

Your strategy on your private label skin care business
The correct strategy is fundamental to start your brand skin care business; it will determine your skin care business’s detail. Do you want to sell all series skin care or focus on dedicated skin care? Do you want to focus on high quality or low cost? Do you want to do e-commercial selling or sell from offline shops? Think about your strategy clear, and then you can make the correct decision.

Focus on your core value in the skin care market
The customers always have limited resource when your start skincare business by yourself or as small company, put your help on your core value in market development and product development. For others as formulation development, skincare production, shipment arrangement, photography, or packaging, etc., find a professional skin care supplier to make it all for you.

Best skin care manufacturer VS most suitable skin care manufacturer
It is hard to define the best skin care manufacturer; you can judge from supplier size, capability, quality, price, or service. But the best skin care manufacturer does not mean they are the most suitable skin care manufacturer for the customer. You can not leverage the supplier if you find a giant supplier, or the quality is a problem if you find a less capable supplier. So customers must find suitable skin care suppliers to match their business requirements.

Work with genuine skincare manufacturers directly.
We suggest that you work with a genuine skin care manufacturer directly if you have a clear plan for your skin care private label business. Private label skin care means that you have unique requirements for your skincare business; a trader or broker usually doesn’t have the capability to support your customized needs in formulation development. So it will make you successful if you work with a skin care factory that truly supports private label skin care.

The highest quality and lowest price is a fake topic.
Customers always want to buy skincare at the highest quality and lowest price, but it is tough to balance quality and cost, especially for small private label orders. For example, the typical skincare cream bulk price can be variate from 2$ to 200$ per KG; the customers usually only can get “so-called” highest quality if at the lowest price. Try to get a competitive price at designed quality by working with a correct and professional skincare factory.

Make a clear development plan for your skincare products.
Make a clear development plan when you have confirmed your skin care business strategy. Try to focus on product development requirements and timeline, what services you want from the skin care supplier, make sure you will get correct products on a timely basis. Proper product development and timeline implementation are critical to the skin care business launch’s success.

private lable03

What’re essential items when selecting a private label supplier

Research capability
Formulation development capability is the critical factor for private label skin care manufacturing. An excellent private label skin care manufacturer should have a competent research laboratory, testing equipment, a professional research engineer team, and mature formulations. It must also have a formal verification process for new product verification as a formulation stability test, microbiological test, effects test, and preservative challenge test.

Quality control
Quality is the essential requirement for both customers and suppliers to do long-term business. A good skin care private label manufacturer should have GMPC and ISO22716 certificate and an experienced quality control team. GMPC compliance workshops and advanced machines guarantee good quality in skincare manufacturing. Besides, there are formal quality control procedures from incoming materials control, production control, and pre-shipment control.

Machine capability
There are two key process stations of water treatment and emulsification for skin care manufacturing. Good water purifying system can generate high-level deionized water that can make the formulation stable and keep a long shelf-life; the water purifying system had better be pharmaceutical grade. Good emulsification machines can create the skincare texture to feel good and evenly. The best emulsification machine is the German IKA brand emulsification machine.

Business model
For skin care manufacturing, especially private label manufacturing for small businesses, it is necessary to find a supplier with a business model that matches customer business requirements. The significant supplier with high volume OEM production not suitable for small private label manufacturing; they can meet the requirement of big customer as Walmart. The capable skincare manufacturer who can support high mix, low volume orders is suitable for small customers with private label business requirements.

Product certificate
Formulations meet international or market region regulations to promote the market’s products. The skin care private label supplier had better have a dedicated regulation engineer to ensure the products are compliant, for example, to meet EU and FDA regulations. Besides, it will be perfect if the supplier can make product registration for the customer of CPNP or FDA registration.

Value-added service
Most small skin care business companies may not have enough resources to support all private label skin care processes as artwork design, photography, or video making. It will be a good choice for customers to select skin care manufacturers who provide such value-added service.There are some valuable tips on how to import from China on some professional sourcing agent blogs.

private lable04

Ariel Biotech can make your private label skin care higher level

Ariel Biotech business model is designed specially to support private label skin care at high mix low volume orders. Our factory focuses on skin care manufacturing, but our robust research capability and flexible production management can match small business owners’ label requirements. 

Our advantages compared with traditional skin care manufacturers:

Strong Capability in Formulation Development
We have been manufacturing skin care for more than 23 years, and our research laboratory has more than 10,000 mature and stable formulas that have passed the “Preservative Challenge Test” and “Safety Evaluation Test.” We can quickly make customized formulation for customers based on our current formulations, customers’ specific requirements, or customer samples; the standard formulation and samples build lead time is less than one week. Check details of our research capability.

Private Labels with Small Quantity
Ariel Biotech skin care private label can finally make your dreams of seeing your brand, on your products, a reality. Our private label skin care products are the perfect solution for luxury spas, salons, and retailers of all sizes looking for a simplified method to develop and introduce their natural custom skin care line. We can make customized packages at a quantity as low as 100pcs and customized formulation at a quantity as low as 500pcs. You can refer to our detailed process of private label.

High-Quality Guarantee
Quality is the key to our success in the market for the last 23 years; we prioritize quality. Our factory is FDA registered skin care factory, and we are certified by GMPC and ISO22716. Our laboratory can make all routine testing to skin care as a microbiological test, formulation stability test, skin cell test, effects test, etc. All the products we produced have to be tested and can be shipped out only to pass the tests.

Quick Production & Delivery
We support high mix, low volume orders to meet our customers’ flexible requirements in the market, and we make quick production by improving our internal process. The average production lead time of skin care care private label manufacturing can be 15 days from customers’ order release to shipment delivery. By quick production, we can make sure our customers have intense competition in the market to launch their products while making us the best skin care manufacturer in China.

One-Stop Total Solution
In Ariel, we firmly believe that customer value is our top priority focus in our company strategy and routine works. We want to make the customer feel as more uncomplicated as possible when doing business with us; customers need to tell their requirements and make it all for customers. We try our best to provide value-added services to our customers from formulation, raw materials selection, package materials sourcing, production information collection, products testing, products FDA & CPNP registration, logistics service, free sampling, photograph, etc… So that customers can focus on their core business on the market side.

Best Machine Capability in China
Our advanced first-class reverse osmosis + EDl pure water treatment system makes pure water quality up to the pharmaceutical level, which guarantees high-quality products. We are China’s first company to introduce whole emulsification units of German brand IKA; the homogeneous head imported from Germany is the core of the cosmetics production process to ensure the world-class quality of skincare products. Our weblink to introduce details of our machine capability.

Professional Team
The professional management team is the key to our business success. All our top management team members have more than ten years of successful work experience in multinational companies with professional certificates as CPM, CQE, or Six Sigma Black Belt. We know how to manage the company to create value for customers by advanced formulations research and high-quality management. And we know different cultures from different countries so that there is no barrier to communicate with customers and provide high-quality service to our valued customer.   

Greeting from CEO

Hi friends, I am Andy, managing director of Ariel Biotech, welcome to visit our website. 

Ariel Biotech supplies private label skin care by assisting companies and individuals like you in building brands that reflect and enhance your company’s unique image at an easier approach. Our business is to provide you with quality products that will assist you in customizing your vision of your product lines and image. 

In doing so this supports a bottom line that will create higher profit margins while maintaining a minimized product inventory. We are always thinking about how to create value for our customers, hope there is an opportunity that we can keep long-term win-win cooperation. All the best wishes. Andy.

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