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Skin Care Manufacturing Of Ariel Cosmetic

Ariel Cosmetic, located in Guangzhou of China, is one of the top 50 cosmetics manufacturers in China and has been in the skincare industry for more than 23 years. Ariel Cosmetic supports high volume orders and high mix low volume orders; we develop, create, manufacture, and ship private label skincare to make-up artists, e-commercial owners, salons, spas, and a variety of beauty brands manufacturing facilities worldwide. Our business is to provide you with quality products that will assist you in customizing your vision of your product line and image. In doing so, this supports a bottom line that will create higher profit margins while maintaining a minimized product inventory.

We produce a whole series of skincare as cream, lotion, toner, serum, facial mask, body care products, hair care products, solid ineffective cosmetics used in high-end customers or professional beauty salons. We can produce skincare products for customers based on our mature formulations, custom-made formulations, simple customer ideas or specific requirements, or customer samples. All our products meet international standards and EU/FDA regulations.

Manufacturing 1

Ariel has put great resources in research and formulation development to meet high-end customers’ requirements. We have a research team consisting of professors, doctors, and engineers; some are top experts in China skincare industry. There are more than 10000 mature formulations in our research center since our 23 years of experience in beauty salon skincare, so we can quickly develop a formulation for customers. In addition, several materials and formulations make sure of unique high quality under our patent in our research laboratory.

Ariel Cosmetic knows the machines are critical factors for manufacturing, and we have the most capable machines to get constant high-quality products. Therefore, for the vital process of emulsification, we introduce China’s leading intelligent emulsifying units, all emulsifying units are imported from Germany of the IKA brand to achieve automated production, fine production, and standardized production – to achieve complete automation, full monitoring, full standard – perfect quality assurance.

Research Capability

Our scientific research center has 23 years of professional formula research and development experience, with modern biotechnology engineering as the core, gathered a group of cutting-edge biological talents, more than 10000 kinds of mature formulas, established long-term talent cooperation with several China top-level universities and created professional skin health research laboratory.

Research Team

We have more than 20 members research team that consists of professors, doctors, engineers, and technicians. For example, the chief engineer Dr. Chen is a former chief engineer from China's largest cosmetics group Shanghai Jahwa Corporation, which is the top expert in the cosmetics industry in China. We also cooperate with universities to set up the R&D center for basic research of materials and formulations.

Research Equipment

The R&D center has sophisticated equipment such as GS-MS, HPL C, VISIA skin image analyzer, sun protection factor analysis system, skin melanin/heme tester, MTT175 hair tester, etc., to meet consumer demand for natural, organic, and green products.

Formulations Development

At present, the R&D center has more than 10,000 mature and stable formulas that have passed the “Preservative Challenge Test” and “Safety Evaluation Test”; these categories include creams, lotions, liquids, gels, and facial masks. In addition, it covers various functional effects such as anti-wrinkle, whitening, freckle, acne, sunscreen, anti-allergic, firming, body care, cleansing, moisturizing, aromatherapy, etc.; meets daily chemical lines, professional lines, e-commerce business, and domestic and foreign customers. 

Our research laboratory has achieved several patents for materials, formulations, and production process:
icon number 1  A disposable sleep mask containing plant extracts of theanine
icon number 1  A skincare product with anti-blue light effect and its preparation method
icon number 1  A wirelessly controlled intelligent emulsification equipment
icon number 1  A high-stability emulsifier discharge filter
icon number 1  A reactor with a stirrer for adsorbing iron residues
icon number 1  A pressure detector for hose explosion-proof tail
icon number 1  An efficient cosmetic bottle drying box
icon number 1  A highly efficient integrated equipment for inkjet and labeling
icon number 1  An energy-saving and efficient vacuum emulsifying pot
icon number 1  Positioning device for special-shaped packaging materials

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    01.Formulations Verification

    Formulations Verification

    Safety assessment
    We practice various testing by using testing devices and the actual person’s skin to inspect during the formulation development stage. Since our goal is to develop a lower stimulated product, we therefore execute inspection on both raw materials and formulations.

    Stability assessment
    We perform both stability and preservative challenge tests besides routine microbiological tests to maintain high quality by detailed inspection of assuming all possible causes. Therefore, we are confident that our refined products are safe to use for a long time.

    Functionality assessment
    We implement various validation tests to verify the new formulation has the designed effects. Tests include the level of cells such as the three-dimensional cultured skin model ( reproduction of human’s cell and skin ) and observation of actual use by the person. 

    02.Products Philosophy

    Products Philosophy

    Ariel Cosmetic always pursues high-quality skincare of mature formulations with rigorous effects. We have put great resources for high-quality skincare development since we have been manufacturing professional beauty salon products for more than 23 years. Many of our products use all-natural formulations to meet environment-friendly market trends and regulations, especially in Europe. More than 90% of materials import from Europe, the USA, Japan, and Australia with certificates.

    Mature Formulations
    We have been selling and manufacturing beauty salon skin care for more than 23 years, and our own four brand companies’ total annualized revenue is more than 300M USD. We have more than 10,000 mature formulations in our laboratory database, all these formulations have been tested by our laboratory and have been verified by the end-users in beauty salons. Customers can choose our current formulations or we can support rapid formulation development per customers’ specific requirements. 

    Environment Friendly
    To support customers’ demand for “cleaning” formulations, we have developed a whole series of all-natural formulations to meet high-end customers’ requirements. Each formula being developed in our laboratory meets the high-level regulation requirements of both EU and FDA, using raw materials directly imported from Europe. In addition, all the products we produce or materials we use are cruelty-free and have not undergone any animal tests.

    High Quality
    Quality is the key to our success in the market for the last 23 years. Our facility is an FDA-registered factory, and we are certified by GMPC and ISO22716. Our laboratory can make all routine testing for skincare as microbiological test, formulation stability test, skin cell test, effects test, etc. All the products we produce have to pass inspection/certification tests before we ship them out.

    Simplifying Philosophy
    We use simplifying philosophy in our formulation development to make our skincare products more professional because a slight change in key ingredients may cause a different result. Our simplifying formulation can be used for a specific effect, which can give the customers more choice for their dedicated skin problem. The simplifying formulation needs robust research capability to make the correct formulation. Besides the formulation, we also use a simplifying package for the skincare products, as we want to provide the best products to our customers without the added packaging costs.

    Raw Materials Control
    Raw materials quality determine the end-product quality, so that’s why we always choose top quality and high-rated raw materials suppliers to ensure the quality excellence. More than 90% of our raw materials are purchased from multinational companies or imported from Europe, Japan, the USA, or Australia with associated certificates, to ensure our products meet EU and FDA standards. 

    03.Business Model

    Business Model

    Ariel Cosmetic mainly focused on high-quality skincare manufacturing for overseas customers, and we support both high volume and high mix orders. We also provide complete services to customers: from brand/product planning, artwork design, testing reports, licenses application, product photography, product videos, and logistics management. We want our customers to focus on the core of their businesses and make it a lot easier for them.

    04.OEM Business


    Ariel Cosmetic OEM Process provides in-house production, finished packaging, pre-done services, and high-speed delivery to start your very own cosmetic brand. As an established partner in the cosmetics industry, we have developed a comprehensive OEM skincare process that would should surely give the best customer experience. For instance, we acknowledge the latest trends and needs of several markets. Therefore, we can produce based on our mature formulation customer selects, or per customized formulation, we can make per customer samples or customer-specific requirements. Simply speaking, customers only advise what they want, and we will make all for our valued customers.

    Today’s market demands speed and flexibility, and we ensure that the product you are getting is exclusive, durable, and trustful since it represents your values. We create consistency during our OEM Process. Since cosmetician beauty is our specific area of expertise, we turn every domestic or international idea into a dream come true. We never turn down opportunities no matter how complicated some processes might be. Let’s innovate and explore possibilities together.

    05.Private Label Business


    Ariel Cosmetic private label can finally make your dreams of seeing your brand, on your products, a reality. Our private label skincare and hair care products are the perfect solution for luxury spas, salons, and retailers of all sizes looking for a simplified method to develop and introduce their own line of natural, and custom skin and hair care.

    By offering low minimum quantity on a wide range of skincare and haircare formulations that can be customized with tailored quality packaging and beautiful labels, your line of custom cosmetics or spa products is within your reach.

    06.Private Label Solution

    Private Label Solution

    Private Label with Small MOQ
    For most of our products, we support private labels with a small minimum order quantity. The MOQ can based on packaged materials MOQ or our process requirements. We can usually do 1000 MOQ for private labels. We want to support customers to make the business more accessible at the beginning for market tests. Besides, we provide total solutions for customers from formulation development, artwork design, sample build, package materials sourcing, photograph, and shipment arrangement.

    Quick Production & Delivery
    We support quick sample build and quick production by improving our internal process, as we know time is significant to customers to launch the products into the market. The average lead time for samples build is about three working days, and it is about five working days to build samples based on customer samples. For most of the products of serum and cream, the production lead time can be as soon as 15 days after package materials are ready. Fast deliveries are offered to customers by our accredited forwarders.

    We offer three types of the private label which allows us to stay competitive while focusing on our customers’ key value of skincare customization.

    No Label Products
    We usually keep newly produced no-label products in our stock that can sell to a customer with low quantity and make quick delivery in 2 to 3 days, which allows you to try the product, test your market and see what you and your customers like before investing in large orders.

    Digital Printing Products 
    Many customers may need customized package products with custom brands in the beginning stage, but minimal quantity for market test or photograph. We support quick digital printing samples build, and the quantity can be less than 50pcs with a production lead time of fewer than three days. 

    Average Production Private Label Products
    We support small quantity private labels with the mass production process, and the quantity can be from 100 to 1000pcs for almost all skincare and hair care products. The production lead time varies from 10 to 20 days depending on packing materials and production processes.

    07.Machine Capability

    Machine Capability

    Advanced first-class reverse osmosis + EDl pure water treatment system – using high-quality nature reserve water source, equipped with advanced equipment and technology, pure water quality up to the pharmaceutical level – has become the guarantee of high-quality products.

    We have China’s leading intelligent emulsifying units, and the first company to introduce whole emulsification units of Germany brand IKA, to achieve automated production, fine production, standardized production – to achieve full automation, full monitoring, complete standards – perfect quality assurance.

    Homogeneous head imported from Germany is the core of cosmetics production process to ensure the world-class quality of products. 

    The critical production processes and data such as overall monitoring and scheduling, production planning, production line scheduling, raw material ingredients, and emulsification production are monitored and controlled through intelligent equipment and systems.

    Realization of Bar Code Recognition and Management of Raw Material, Intelligent Error-Correcting Ingredients, Feeding, Discharging, and Management-the Key to Eliminate.
    The production process is artificial for all faults to improve efficiency and quality. The production process is artificial for all faults to improve efficiency and quality.

    Mask automatic filling workshop
    Ariel has introduced fully automated facial mask filling lines imported from Germany to realize automatic bagging, bag opening, metering filling, and sealing operations. High-precision electronic balance, aseptic production line, and other advanced equipment, equipped with skilled technical operators and equipment inspection and maintenance personnel with rich work experience and fully automatic control disinfection procedures and microbiological detection control whole process is in accordance with ISO22716 good manufacturing practices. It ensures the safety, accuracy, and hygiene of the product during the filling process.

    Hand and foot masks machine
    The introduction of Germany’s fully automated hand-foot masks manufacturing equipment, the use of automatic tension control system, stable and durable hot plate welding, the panel is hardened, PLC microcomputer control, photoelectric detection, from raw materials to finished products, the production capacity is up to 200,000 pairs/day. The automatic membrane leak detection function can check each mask in the air pressure compensation mode and quickly calibrate to ensure that each opponent’s foot mask is properly sealed; independent pressure increasing and controlling treatment ensures that the film cloth has no backpressure during transmission. consistently providing high precision parameters control.

    We have a total of 5 automated production lines for collagen masks production. The process includes emulsification, collagen injection, packing, vacuuming, and sealing. The daily capacity for collagen face mask is 100K units and for collagen eye/lip masks is 500K units.

    08.Production License

    Production License

    To maintain high-quality skincare products, our factory setup and production management follow international standards. Both our new and old factories are certified by GMP and ISO22716, and our new factory is an FDA-registered factory. We are a certified high technology company by the government, and we are a included in the top 50 cosmetics manufacturers in China. 

    GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) 
    ISO 22716
    Top 50 cosmetics manufacturer in CHINA

    Quality Control

    Aside from reasonable quality system control, we have a systematic process for product verification from formulation research, samples build, and mass production products to ensure the quality of products is good when delivered to customers. There are three steps for product verification during the product development, production, and pre-shipment stages.

    09.Product Development Stage

    Product Development Stage 1

    Safety assessment
    We practice various testing by using the actual person’s skin to inspect during the formulation development stage. Our goal is to develop a lower-stimulated product. Therefore, we execute inspection on both raw materials and formulations.

    Our Safety Assessment Division does patch tests and product use tests for every product. We only commercialize the products that have passed our initial strict inspections.

    Stability assessment
    To maintain outstanding quality, we follow a detailed inspection and assume all the possible causes. We not only use measuring equipment and instruments for assessment, but we also assess its appearance, color, and scent by our experienced staff to inspect and observe the compatibility of content and data. Therefore we are confident that our refined products are safe to use for a long time.

    Functionality assessment
    We implement various validation tests to verify the new formulation has the designed effects. Tests include a level of cells such as a three-dimensional cultured skin model (reproduced of human’s cell and skin) and observation of actual use by the person. We collect all the data from these tests to back up the functionality that shows whether products fit the concept and the characteristic of formulations. Our goal is to create an authentic effect skincare per formulation’s definition so that customers can acquire satisfaction when using it.

    10.In Production Stage

    In Production Stage

    Inspection for raw and packaging material
    Inspect whether received raw materials and packaging materials comply with standards. Functionality inspection (fitting matching, airtightness, indication) of the container. Standard inspection of raw-material (appearance, physicality, viable bacteria).

    Quality inspection of mixing and bulk
    Inspect whether manufactured bulk complies with the customer and in-house standards by using a variety of equipment. Especially check physicalities such as appearance, odor, and texture.
    PH inspection
    Viscosity inspection
    Appearance inspection
    Odor inspection
    Usability inspection
    Microbiological inspection
    Specific weight inspection
    Quantity inspection

    On-line inspection
    Products are inspected on the line by various kinds of equipment. Furthermore, there is a visual appearance check by our staff.

    Weight inspection
    Lot printing confirmatory inspection
    Indication inspection
    Damage and contamination inspection

    Off-line inspection
    Inspector routinely checks the appearance and other items of products on the line by sampling. 
    Inspection of opening and closing torque
    Appearance inspection
    Lot printing confirmatory inspection
    Damage and contamination inspection

    Pre-Shipment Stage
    Inspection before shipping
    Inspector checks final products by sampling. Products that passed the inspections are only shipped out.
    Appearance inspection
    Microbiological inspection
    pH inspection
    Viscosity inspection
    Odor inspection
    Specific weight inspection
    Quantity inspection

    Packaging Solution
    We do not sell the package materials directly, but as a value-added service to our customers, we source broad series of package materials in our supply database. Thus, customers can choose their preferred package materials by the photos and information on our website. The package materials price is very competitive compared to customers who source the materials themselves due to our robust supply chain management capability. We know for most of the time, it is very challenging for customers to find suitable package materials, and it is a time-consuming work, we only want our customers to focus on their core business and product marketing by providing this kind of service.

    The advantages we bring to customers for package materials:
    – Competitive price. We know the package materials market, and our strong capability in package materials sourcing can lower prices for customers.

    Frequently Asked Questions​

    We have devoted more than 22 years for skincare manufacturing for professional beauty salons. There are 3 branded companies under our corporation for beauty salon skincare selling in China market with annualized revenue 300M USD. And one company handling OEM business with annualized revenue 20M USD.

    The production lead time will be different based on different production type. For private label based on our in house blank package skincare, it normally take 5 to 10 days (in customized stickers and boxes producing). It will normally take 20 to 35 days if for OEM with all formulation and package materials customized produced, the reason is that need more time to do microbiological test.

    We have blank package for many of our products, we can make customized package of private label for customers per 100 units. The economic MOQ is 1000 units in normal based on package type. The custom formulation batch sizes starting at 30 Kilograms (8 Gallons).

    The minimum order quantity will be determined by 2 terms: 1st is package materials MOQ (for examples need 3000pcs for painted bottles, the sachets MOQ needs 10000pcs at least, etc.); 2nd is the bulk materials production process (for example the emulsification tank is for 30KG bulk materials production at least). So our normal order quantity is different too, need to check for details.

    Our facility can accommodate both high mix and high volume orders. Starting at the 100 units prototype runs, to the million units or higher volume runs. Our new manufacturing facility is with 30,000 square meters structure area in total.

    Our products are marketed and sold all over the world. Our own brand skincare products are sold to beauty salons in China market through our sales networks all over China. The OEM products are sold both in China and oversea market.

    We work with a vast assortment of business sizes, from small up-and-coming businesses, to large established corporations, doctor’s offices, salons and spas.

    Our facility can accommodate both high mix and high volume orders. Starting at the 100 units prototype runs, to the million units or higher volume runs. Our new manufacturing facility is with 100,000 square meters structure area in total.

    Due to confidentiality agreements with existing clients, we cannot disclose the names of our customers. However, we can tell you that we have manufactured millions of products for hundreds of customers and can provide you will references should they be required.

    Under our corporation, we have 3 branded companies for our own brand beauty salons products selling in China market, and one company Ariel for OEM/ODM business, and factory YacoiSheng dedicated for production for internal customers of our own 5 companies.

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