In Ariel, we strongly believe that the value of our clients is the top priority in our company strategy and routine works. We want to support our client’s skincare business through a long-term cooperation that would benefit us both because our customer’s success is our business success as well. We always try to provide value-added services which include but not limited to raw materials selection, sourcing of packaging materials, product information research, product testing, FDA and CPNP registration, logistics service, sampling, product marketing requirements, etc. This way, our clients can focus on the core of their business and in marketing their products and/or brand.

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Private Label Manufacturing Service

Our manufacturing plant has a capacity of more than 5 million units produced on the average each month. We have experience of more than 23 years in the beauty salon and skincare manufacturing industry, which has mixed business requirements, can prove that we can indeed support this type of orders as well.

Ariel Biotech offers full turnkey private label services to emerging and established brands as well as medical professionals, spas and salons, and online retailers. We have more than 10,000 mature stock formulas (also known as white label) that you may choose at small quantity, or we can make custom-formula to your specifications.

Ariel Biotech supplies private label cosmetics by assisting companies and individuals like you in building brands that reflect and enhance your company’s unique image at easier approach. Our Innovation Team works closely with all partners to create unique, highly-effective products sold in premium packaging that are ready for launch. We develop, create, manufacture and ship private label products to make-up artists, e-commercial owners, salons, spas and variety of beauty brands and manufacturing facilities worldwide.

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    01.Formulation Development

    The compliance to cosmetics regulations in sales area is very important, as more and more strict regulations of cosmetics especially in Europe and USA are being implemented. We have upgraded our formulations and materials, to make sure all our formulations and materials used can meet the regulations in customers’ home countries especially in Europe. Raw materials are included in the said regulations, thus 80% of our materials are imported from Europe, Japan and the United States, which all meet the standard quality that most western countries require. Our regulation engineer helps customers to develop formulation to meet regulations, and check if there are some potential risks before they launch a new project in their country.

    We develop formulations based on customer’s specific requirements or ideas. Formulation development and samples build is free, and the lead time for both is about 3 to 5 days. Our laboratory can also make formulation based on customer provided samples, which may take about 1 to 2 weeks.

    02.Free Sampling

    For the new products launches, we provide quick and free samples build for our customers. We can make samples based on our mature formulation, customer specific requirements, or customer golden samples. The customers only need to pay samples delivery fee to their address. Our normal samples build lead time is about 3 days if use our mature formulations or formulations we developed for customers. However, it takes about 7 to 10 working days if samples to build are based on customer provided samples. The samples are packed in our blank samples’ bottles or our standard English package.

    03.Free Design and Product Photos

    Many of our customers are small companies and they may not have so many resources to create designs and photograph their products by themselves. We understand that customers need to put their limited resource on their core business. We have experienced design team and professional photographer to take care and create products package design and product photos. The service can be free if the order value reached one thousand dollars each product. We hope we can help customers to get their new products into the market quickly and get benefits from the market as early as they can.

    04.Package Materials Sourcing

    We found it is most challenge for customers to find suitable package materials during their new products launch stage, however the packing is very important for cosmetics products. A nice and good-looking packaging can promote the image of the products in the market greatly. Our sourcing team has put a lot of resource to find best package materials for customers, so that customers can get package information and find the suitable packing easily. We put the package materials information by different finished goods category on our web as value-added service, where customers can select their preferred packaging materials directly.

    05.Production Information Collection

    We know our customers truly care for the quality of their products and how their products are being produced. But most of the customers are far away from our factory, and they cannot check the production on-site or have inspection on the goods produced. We try to collect as much information as possible regarding the production through photos, videos, and testing reports, so that customers can understand the process of their products’ production, and what tests are being done on the products. This way, we let our customers know the state of production and that the quality of their products are being taken care of. Quality and service is the key to our success in business with customers.

    06.FDA & CPNP/CPSR Registration

    As part of formulation upgrading and regulations compliance, we register FDA and CPNP for our formulations in USA and Europe. This ensures that our formulations meet western standards and prevents registration and custom clearance hiccups during the mass production phase.
    We have a dedicated team for registration, which includes the registration of custom-formula, if customer decides to do OEM or ODM from us.

    Registration-associated information
    FDA registration:
    · Documents needed: customers only need to provide us their company name, address, artworks, and ingredients list, then we will finish all registration for customer.
    · Registration lead time: it will take 3 to 5 weeks to get FDA review result, they will approve the application and assign a Cosmetic Product Ingredient Statement (CPIS) number. Otherwise, FDA will feedback non-conformance and request for improvement actions, which takes FDA 3 to 5 weeks to check the application again.

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    Example of product FDA registration approval.

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    Example of product FDA registration reject for action.

    · FDA registration cost: FDA registration is FREE for our customers as value-added service when the mass production order is confirmed and deposit is paid. The registration cost is normally 500USD each product through an agent for the application.

    CPNP registration:
    · Documents needed: similar to FDA registration, we need the customer company name, address, artworks, and ingredients for CPNP submit. Aside from these, we also need customer I.D. number and contact phone information for registration because Europe requires contact information of principal responsible person in Europe for the products.
    · Registration lead time: it will take 3 to 5 weeks to get CPNP review result, they will approve the application and assign a registration number. Otherwise, we need to resubmit application again.
    · CPNP registration cost: CPNP registration is FREE for our customers as value-added service when the mass production order is confirmed and deposit is paid. The registration cost is normally 400 to 600 USD each product through an agent for the application.

    CPSR registration:
    · Documents needed: it is much more complicated for CPSR registration compared to FDA or CPNP registration. First, the register needs to prepare products with complete printing to 3rd party laboratory for testing then get test report. Next is to prepare COA and MSDS for all materials and package materials of each product, together with all testing reports of the finish good, then submit the documents for registration.
    · Registration lead time: it takes 4 to 8 weeks to get CPSR registration result. If failed, we need to resubmit application again.
    · CPSR registration cost: The registration cost is about 6000 USD for each product through an agent for the application. Normally, customers process CPSR registration by themselves as it will be more convenient to get CPSR registration by people from and in Europe.

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    07.Logistics Service

    We have partnered with many strategic forwarders that can make shipments to most of the countries with competitive service and prices. To most of the countries, we can provide door to door delivery so that customers will not handle custom clearance issues. We also make shipment suggestions based on different locations and customs status in destination countries. As per our experience, we can save about 30% of shipping cost compared with shipments arranged by customers themselves.

    Besides the shipment service, we have partner warehouses in Europe and USA that can provide warehouse service to our customers. The location of our Europe warehouse is Tilburger str. 15, Viersen, NRW, Germany; and the location of our USA warehouse is 1319 S L Lake Worth FL 33460, USA.

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