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Skin Care Manufacturing Total Solutions

In the fastest and most effective way,Solve any problems in the manufacturing process of your skin care

Ariel Cosmetic Are Not Only Producers, But Also Skin Care Product Supply Chain Integrators

01.Optimize The Product

Good formula and packaging are the foundation of the product. We focus on continuously creating value for customers. We care about every detail to ensure that your product can achieve good sales in the market.

02.Broadened Categories

On the basis of good products, using the advantages of china's supply chain, ariel cosmetic will provide a full range of services for your products expansion plan.

03.Brand Driven

With good formula & packaging and strict quality control conditions, you can focus more on the growth of your brand and focus on longer-term growth to quickly drive your brand.

Skin Care Manufacturers Are Not Only Producers But Also Skin Care Product Supply Chain Integrators 1

The Service Advantage Of Ariel Cosmetic

Formula Development

The modern laboratory of Ariel Cosmetic, from raw material selection and testing, our engineers can develop the corresponding formula according to your individual needs. In addition, we also have a supply of 10,000+ formulas that have been developed.

Packaging Supply

Considering the time it takes you to find product packaging, we have integrated the entire supply chain of skin care product packaging, including the main materials of plastic, glass and supply, and strive to respond to your needs as quickly as possible.

Free Design & Sampling

Did you know? The value-added services of free design and free samples greatly protect the risk of your product in the market, and our delivery time is very fast, and you can quickly confirm the quality of the product.

Skin Care Manufacturing

Fast delivery, low MOQ, tailor-made for small and medium-sized enterprises to build core competitiveness, to ensure that your commercial projects can be quickly tested on the market, and reduce your product inventory risk.


Professional production manager, we hope to establish the quality of our products to form a good reputation in the market, we control the process of each production line, as well as the review process.

Logistics Support

With 20,000 square meters of warehouse space and rich inventory management experience, we also provide delivery services for your products.

After-sales Service

While ensuring response efficiency, we also provide one-to-one and expert-level problem solving.

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