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About Us

Welcome to Ariel

Ariel Biotech is located in Guangzhou China, we have been in cosmetics industry for 23 years mainly for skincare of professional beauty salons. We are China top 50 cosmetic manufacturer.
Ariel Biotech supplies private label cosmetics by assisting companies and individuals like you in building brands that reflect and enhance your company’s unique image at easier approach. We develop, create, manufacture and ship private label products to make-up artists, e-commercial owners, salons, spas and variety of beauty brands and manufacturing facilities worldwide.
Our business is to provide you with quality products that will assist you in customizing your vision of your product line and image. In doing so this supports a bottom line that will create higher profit margins while maintaining a minimized product inventory.

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Production Certificate

We follow GMP standard for all production process



ISO 22716




Why Choose Us

We have strong capability in research, machines, quality control, & management



Our scientific research center with 20 years professional formula research and development experience, we have a professor and doctors research team with more than 20 patents outcome. There are more than 10,000 mature formulations that passed the “Preservative Challenge Test” and “Safety Evaluation Test”. The R&D center has sophisticated equipment such as GS-MS, HPL C, VISIA skin image analyzer, sun protection factor analysis system, skin melanin/heme tester, MTT175 hair tester, etc., to meet consumer demand for natural, organic, and green products.


We are the first company in China to introduce whole emulsification units of Germany brand IKA, to achieve full automated and full monitoring production. Homogeneous IKA head is the core of cosmetics production process to ensure the world-class quality products. Besides we have error correction system diagram by realization of bar code recognition and management of raw material, intelligent error correcting ingredients, feeding, discharging and management to eliminate the production process man-made faults to improve efficiency and quality.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Our factory is certified by ISO22716 and GMP, and all production processes meet Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice. Besides good quality system control, we have systematic process for products verification from formulation research (safety, stability, and functionality assessment), samples build, to mass production products (raw materials testing, online & offline inspections) to make sure the products quality is good when deliver to customers. We have strong quality assurance team which with 6 sigma black belt and certified quality engineer background.


Professional management team is the key to our success in business, all our top management team members have more than 10 years success work experience in multinational companies with professional certificates as C.P.M, CQE, or Six Sigma Black Belt. We know how to manage the company to create value to customers by advanced formulations research and high quality management. And we know different cultures from different countries so that there is no barrier to communicate with customers and provide high quality service to our valued customers.



Our business process


Your Ideas

Customer’s input of specification, artwork, requirements, sample, or just simple ideas.


Our Solution

We provide total solution on formula, packaging, production, delivery, and price.


Specification Confirmation

Customer and us to check and confirm the specification details and price.


Samples Build & Approval

We produce samples based on customer specification, customer evaluate and approve.



Customer make deposit to start production after specification & samples confirmation.



We make production and will keep continue update to customer for the progress.



Customers make balance payment per actual produced quantity, we make shipment.


Follow Up Service

We will continue to service if any issues, improvements needed, or new projects.

Cooperative Partner

We ship to more than 35 countries

Cooperative Partner

We ship to more than 35 countries

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have blank package for many of our products, we can make customized package of private label for customers per 100 units. The economic MOQ is 1000 units in normal based on package type. The custom formulation batch sizes starting at 30 Kilograms (8 Gallons).

Yes, we securely follow international and China FDA standard for materials handling and formulation development. All our formulations meet EU and FDA regulations. In this regard, we have upgraded our supply chain so that the materials used meet the regulations too. More than 90% of our raw materials are imported from Europe, the USA, Australia, and Japan with associated certificates.

Under our corporation, we have 4 branded companies for our own brand beauty salons products selling in China market, and one company Ariel for OEM/ODM business, and factory YacoiSheng dedicated for production for internal customers of our own 5 companies.

Yes, we can support flexible production by our individual production cells for different processes or products. We have thousands of beauty salon customers whose orders are mainly high mix orders, at same time we have big retailer customers whose orders are full containers basis. So we can handle both high mix and high volume orders.

Yes, we do formulate with both natural and organic ingredients. Many of our formulas are clean, and are formulated using both natural and organic ingredients. We have series of skincare that with all natural ingredients formulations, you can sort the natural ingredients skincare from our web.

No, we do not use parabens in our products. All of our products are paraben-free. All our formulations are compliance with EU and FDA regulations.

Yes, we tightly follow international standard and China FDA for the materials using and formulations development. All our formulations meet EU and FDA regulations, by this we have upgraded our supply chain so that the materials used can meet the regulations too, more than 90% of our raw materials are imported from Europe, USA, Australia, and Japan with associated certificates.

Our philosophy for formulations development is to make “simplify” and “cleaning” formulations for customers, that is one formulation is for dedicated skincare problem, and the formulation can meet the “cleaning” formulations requirements trend especially in Europe.

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