00What should I do when the MOQ of skin care is lower than the factory MOQ 1

What should I do when the MOQ of skin care is lower than the factory MOQ?

The definition and function of the factory’s minimum order quantity The concept of factory MOQ The factory minimum order quantity refers to the minimum production quantity required for each customer order when the manufacturer negotiates the production contract with the customer. Manufacturers will stipulate this minimum production quantity in the contract as the minimum batch they can produce. Usually, this

00Are small skin care factories reliable 1

Are small skin care factories reliable?

Why are small factories of skin care products becoming more and more popular? In the past few years, small skin care product factories have become increasingly popular. Because consumers pay more and more attention to the quality and formulation ingredients of skin care products, as well as the environmental impact and sustainability, here are some significant reasons: First of all,

00How mask is manufactured

How mask is manufactured?

The mask is a common cosmetic, and its manufacturing process generally includes the following steps: Raw Material Preparation The following types of raw materials are usually prepared before mask production: Base materials: such as water, glycerin, propylene glycol, etc., as diluents and moisturizers for the mask’s base. Membrane material: such as sodium alginate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, etc., is used to form

00How lotion is manufactured

How lotion is manufactured?

The lotion is a standard cosmetic product mainly used to moisturize and smooth the skin. Generally speaking, the production process of emulsion includes the following steps: Packaging Material Disinfection In the production process of the emulsion, the disinfection of packaging materials is essential, which can avoid microbial contamination such as bacteria, mold, and viruses in the packaging process and ensure

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How cream is manufactured?

Creams are usually made by mixing several different ingredients, including water, oils, emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners, etc. Here are the general steps to make a cream: Packaging Material Disinfection Before sterilizing cream products, we must distinguish them according to different packaging materials. The packaging materials commonly used for packaging cream include glass bottles, plastic bottles, and plastic tubes. Glass bottle: high-temperature

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How serum is manufactured?

Serums are highly concentrated, highly effective cosmetic skin care products that are commonly used to provide deep nourishment and repair to the skin. Next, Arielcosmetics will take you to understand the whole process of serum production: Packaging Material Disinfection First of all, we will classify according to the material of the packaging material. Different packaging materials have different disinfection methods.