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00Face mask sachets production process introduction

Face mask sachets production process introduction

With the continuous increase in demand for skin care products among modern consumers, facial masks have become essential for daily skin care routines. As an important packaging for facial masks, facial mask sachets not only provide protection but also directly impact the effectiveness of the mask and the brand image. The form of facial mask sachets has undergone several years

00Glass bottles painting process introduction

Glass bottles painting process introduction

Among the various cosmetic packaging containers, glass containers have the advantage of protecting the contents. They have excellent optical properties, allowing clear visibility of the contents. They are chemically inert, thus unlikely to react with the liquid inside. They do not produce unpleasant odors, are impermeable, heat-resistant, and have high compressive strength. Imagine holding a beautifully designed cosmetic glass bottle

00Glass bottles silk printing process introduction

Glass bottles silk printing process introduction

In the modern cosmetics industry, packaging serves not only as a simple container but also as a crucial component of brand identity. Glass bottles, one of the primary packaging materials for cosmetics, offer advantages such as transparency, aesthetics, and chemical inertness. They are highly suitable for containing skincare products, perfumes, essential oils, etc., ensuring better preservation without easy evaporation or

00Paper boxes production process introduction

Paper boxes production process introduction

With the continuous development of the cosmetics market, the importance of packaging in products has become increasingly prominent. As a common form of packaging for cosmetics, paper boxes play a crucial role not only in protecting products, conveying information, and enhancing brand image but also in demonstrating significant advantages in environmental sustainability. How are cosmetic paper boxes produced? This article

00What are the influencing factors on the MOQ of different skin care packaging

What are the influencing factors on the MOQ of different skin care packaging?

As the skin care market continues to expand and consumer demands become increasingly diverse, the importance of skin care packaging is becoming more pronounced. In this context, the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), as a critical element in supply chain management, directly impacts companies’ procurement decisions and cost control. Why do suppliers set MOQs? What factors influence the MOQ for different

00How to distinguish between oil pump and lotion pump of packaging materials 1

What you need to know before choosing tube packaging?

Tube packaging is a common container used for a variety of skincare products, such as creams, lotions, cleansers, sunscreens, eye creams, and hand creams. In the skincare industry, tube packaging has gained widespread application due to its convenience and functionality. From cleansers to sunscreens, various skincare products can utilize tube packaging. Choosing the right packaging method not only protects the