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Quality Control

01)Besides good quality system control, we have systematic process for products verification from formulation research, samples build, to mass production products to make sure the products quality is good when deliver to customers. There are 3 steps for products verification during products development stage, in production stage, and pre-shipment stage. 02)Product Development Stage 03)Safety assessment 04)We practice various testing by


Machine Capability

WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM Advanced first-class reverse osmosis + EDl pure water treatment system – using high-quality nature reserve water source, equipped with advanced equipment and technology, pure water quality up to the pharmaceutical level – has become the guarantee of high-quality products. INTELLIGENT EMULSIFYING UNIT DIAGRAM China’s leading intelligent emulsifying units, to achieve automated production, fine production, standardized production –


Research Capability

Research Capability Our scientific research center with 20 years of professional formula research and development experience, with modern biotechnology engineering as the core, gathered a group of cutting-edge biological talents, more than 10000 kinds of mature formulas, and established long-term talent cooperation with Jiangnan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and South China University of Technology , and created professional skin health



We do not sell the package materials directly, but as value added service to our customers, we source wide series of package materials in our supply database. Thus customers can choose their preferred package materials by the photos and information on our web, and we will follow details for customers if customers advise which product code of package materials. The


Value Added Service

In Ariel, we firmly believe that customer value is top priority focus in our company strategy and routine works. We want to support customer business by long term win-win cooperation, because we believe customers win then we can win. We try our best to provide valued added services to our customers from raw materials selection, package materials sourcing, production information collection,


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