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Skin Care Formulation

Our R&D team can help brands, no matter their size, create safe, effective, compliant formulations

Ariel Cosmetic Formulation R&D Advantage

Customize the formula in the fastest 3 days to deal with rapid market changes

More than 10 years of experience in customized development of personalized formulas for the global market

Strictly abide by the laws and regulations of each destination country, such as FDA, CPNP, TGA, etc.

3000+ mature formulas, easy to choose the formula you want

Ariel cosmetics formulation development goals & philosophy

For customers in different regions, religions, cultures, and skin tones globally, we can find or customize formula solutions that meet your standards. The goal of all the R&D teams of Ariel Labs is to develop safe and secure products in a professional, scientific and efficient way. Effective and compliant formulations are the self-requirements of Ariel’s R&D team. We continuously update our formulation plans with the latest cosmetic ingredients, herbal extracts, and active ingredients under Ariel’s formulation system framework to ensure our customers have a greater chance of success in the marketplace.

Ariel cosmetics formulation development goals philosophy
Ariel cosmetics formula system

Ariel cosmetics formula system

From facial daily care removers, cleansers, serums, oils, toners, gels, lotions, creams, sunscreens, and makeup fixers, to body care cleansing, nourishing, shaping, and kinds of butter, ointments and balms, to eye care Formula solutions for problems such as puffiness, eye bags, fine lines, and eyelash growth, as well as hot-selling formulas such as nourishing and plumping lip care, as well as crystal masks, hydrogel masks, sheet masks, mud masks, hand masks, and foot masks. Films and other mature films are popular formulas, anti-aging formulas, whitening formulas, acne-removing formulas, etc., and various other professional cosmeceutical product formulas; for natural skin care formulas, organic skin care formulas, etc.

How to do Ariel Cosmetics

Ariel Labs develops and produces formulas for customers from different regions of the world almost every day; around the common skin problems in the market, Ariel Labs R&D team has developed and produced a series of mature formula solutions. You can use the cosmetic formulas made by Ariel Start your cosmetic business quickly or tell us your formula standards, and we will develop them for you by our lab team. Our R&D lab will combine skin concerns, formula efficacy, main ingredients, and other elements to build your goals. For formula, in addition to these essential elements, we will also refer to the actual conditions of the destination country’s culture, climate, skin color, age, and skin type of the end-user group to ensure the success rate of our formula development; it is recommended to tell us the details first. Start your formulation or product development project with the formulation target criteria, and we will be happy to help you.

How to do Ariel Cosmetics

Our main developed formula



Scars/Skin Damage

Dark Spots/Pigmentation

Fine Lines/Wrinkles



Signs of Ageing

Eye Area

Puffiness、Dark Circles、Eye Bags、Fine Lines

Lip Area

Dullness、Lip Lines、Dehydration/Dryness


Uneven Tones

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