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Skin Care Factory

22,000 square meters modern factory, imported machines from Germany, just to improve your product quality, production efficiency, and help you gain a competitive advantage.

Ariel Cosmetics Factory In Guangzhou China

Ariel Cosmetic Factory In Guangzhou, China

Ariel Cosmetics founded in 1998 and is constructed in accordance with international GMPC standards. It has 11 sterile standard automated production lines and has a 100,000-level sterile production workshop. The production base has passed the EU GMPC and ISO22716 quality management system certification and standardized good behavior 4A enterprise. It is the first cosmetics manufacturer in China to use the IKA vacuum emulsifier. The homogenizer imported from Germany is the core of the emulsification technology, which can make the pasty fluid more delicate, the quality more stable, and the appearance more advanced. We are committed to serving professional beauty salon customers, e-commerce company customers, and brand customers.

Factory Scale

imported equipment
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production workshop
specialized workers
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production line

Plant And Equipment

Our Factory Factory
Our Factory Laboratory
Our Factory Standardized production line
Standardized production line
Our Factory Lntelligent control room
Lntelligent control room
Our Factory 100000 grade aseptic production workshop
100,000 grade aseptic production workshop
Our Factory German IKA emulsifying pot
Germany IKA emulsification units
Our Factory Automated canning
Automated canning
Our Factory Packaging coding
Packaging coding

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