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MAX is from Brazil

MAX is from Brazil

Project Description:

MAX is from Brazil. It is a design company. It mainly provides custom product design services and helps customers purchase products.

Customer Needs:

In 2019, M found us through Alibaba, and the customer needed to make five products: face mask, hand mask, foot mask, lip mask, and eye mask, and each product needed 5,000 pieces. The packaging uses aluminum foil bags and cartons to highlight the color richness of the product. Because the client is purchasing on behalf of his client, the price for the entire project is lower.


We use Arielcosmetic’s mature formula system to produce products for customers. Using the existing mature formula system can significantly reduce the production cost because we do not have to develop new raw materials, new supplier systems, formula testing, etc.

In terms of packaging, we use aluminum foil bags with solid stability, moisture-proof, vacuum, and chemical reactions that are not easy to occur to meet the needs of long-term transportation, light-proof, and storage problems. The packaging price of this material is also meager.

The client attaches great importance to this project, and 5 people contact us throughout the project. During the 30-day production process, we report the process to customers as documents for each critical link.

Follow up:

Arielcosmetic has been cooperating with customers until now, the customers’ business is getting better and better, and our order volume has also increased.