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S M Shakil is from Bangladesh

S, M, Shakil is from Bangladesh

Project Description:

S, M, Shakil is from Bangladesh and has been sourcing products in China for more than ten years. The client has cooperated with some internet celebrities and celebrities in Bangladesh to promote his products.

Customer Needs:

Skincare is a new project started by a client and starts his business as an agency. Clients need to develop a whole range of skincare products to meet the skin quality and price of Bangladeshi people. The client also said that there is no team doing skin care products at present, and they need the full support of Arielcosmetic.


Arielcosmetic provides customers with one-stop services from market analysis, product formulation, packaging material selection, website construction, stocking, warehousing, and logistics. This is also because Arielcosmetic has a robust and flexible supply chain capability. We first use big data to select products that meet the target market’s needs, then quickly match product packaging and design plans, and finally prepare small batches and high frequency. The characteristics of this business model are fast, low inventory, low capital chain risk, and reduced entrepreneurial risk.

At the same time, because it is an agency cooperation model, Arielcosmetic needs to invest in workforce, material resources, and funds in the initial stage. We have also signed a sales agreement with our customers.
1. Annual sales need to reach 200,000 US dollars.
2. Settle the payment once a month.
3. Arielcosmetic stocking in advance.