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It is most challenge for customers to find suitable package materials during their new products launch stage, however the packing is very important for cosmetics products. A nice and good looking packing can promote the image of the products greatly. Our sourcing team has put a lot of resource to find best package materials for customers, so that customers can get package information and find the suitable packing easily. We put the package materials information by different finish goods category on our web, customer can select their preferred package materials directly.

We work with our strategic package materials suppliers to prepare as detailed information in our package materials database, and share to customers. To make it easier for customers to choose package materials, we put package materials photos and specification on the web so that customers can choose based on their requirements, visit our package materials web

Besides package materials sourcing, we provide artworks design service and quick samples build service to customers as value added service, so that customers can see their final products image quickly, most of the services are free to customers if the order value reach a certain value.

Frequently Asked Questions​

The package materials on our web is part of our value added service, we want to source high quality package materials for customers by our strong supply chain capability, the customers can choose their preferred package materials so that business will be easier for customers to start. We normally do not sell the package materials directly, but can support to customers if customer have such requirements.

The MOQ is different based on different package materials with different process, some quick highlight as below:
Bottle/Jar: normal MOQ is 5000pcs or 10000pcs, some can be 3000pcs
Box: the MOQ can be as low as 100pcs
Sachet for face mask: normal MOQ is 50000pcs, can be as low as 10000pcs
Sachet for eye/lip mask: normal MOQ is 100Kpcs.

We have stock packaging options that range from simple to extravagant, BPA-free plastics to glass or aluminum. Your account executive will guide you through the process of selecting from this extensive variety of packaging options.

Yes, you are welcomed to supply your own packaging if you have your own package materials available or you can order from your own package materials suppliers. But we have to make incoming testing to the package materials, we will reject the package materials and report to customer if non-conformance found.

Our advanced and upgraded packaging will give you that aesthetic edge and artistic appeal to further compliment the product within. For a more signature look, we provide up-gradable and customized packaging options. By working with leading suppliers in the industry, we are able to attain an unlimited array of packaging choices and, if total exclusivity is what you desire, we will even source custom molds for a one-of-a-kind look.

Yes, upgrading your packaging can incur additional costs from those quoted. The prices vary depending upon the packaging components chosen. The normal quotation from us normally not include special process and additional cost is needed if adding special process as gold stamping, UV, etc...

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