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Private Label Natural Skin Care

Ariel Cosmetics is a private label cosmetic company with over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of effective skin care products and natural skin care products. We have a wide range of customers worldwide, and we can meet each customer’s professional product needs.

We specialize in the production of high-end skin care products. We have substantial advantages in quality control, formulation, packaging, production, marketing, and sales. Relying on the advantages of Made in China, we provide personalized, customized services for global brands.

Your Natural Skin Care Private Label Brand Process

Create your brand at a low cost
Choose Your Formula

Choose Your Formula

Choose Your Packaging

Choose Your Packaging

Design Your Label

Design Your Label

Pay the deposit

Pay the deposit

Manufacture the product

Manufacture the product

Delivery of the final payment

Delivery of the final payment

Our Factory

✨ Strict quality management system, very competitive product prices
✨ Professional skin care product manufacturing for more than 20 years
✨ Passed ISO9001, GMPC, ISO22716, SEDEX, FDA certification
✨ 20000㎡ production workshop, 8 fully automatic production lines, 300+ skilled workers
✨ 3000+ kinds of mature formulas, all passed FDA certification, EU regulatory certification
✨ Experience in serving more than 100+ brand customers around the world, including Shein, Disney, and other international brands

Our Factory
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    01.What are private label skincare products?

    Private label is the product formula and packaging materials provided by skin care manufacturers and then selected by the seller. The seller can choose to do some printing processes (such as silk screen printing, hot stamping, and printing labels) on the surface of the packaging materials according to the MOQ of different packaging materials. At the same time, sellers can design different logos, patterns, and texts on these labels to make the products look different.

    02.The world’s major natural skin care products supplier choice?

    Ariel cosmetic


    Ariel cosmetic
    Location: Guangzhou, China
    Company Type: Manufacturer
    Date of establishment: 1998
    Main Products: Facial Care, Eye Care, Lip Care, Body Care, Men’s Care, Masks
    Ariel Cosmetic is a positioned skincare manufacturer focused on high quality, competitive, flexible order quantities, on-time delivery, and more. The company has several beauty salon line product brands, and its business spans North America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and other regions. Now it has more than 3,000 self-developed formulas, which fully meet the requirements of the US FDA and EU regulations.

    private label eye mask 1


    Location: Florida, USA
    Company Type: Manufacturer
    Date of establishment: 2010
    Main products: Skin Care, Hair Care, Men’s Care
    PRIVADA is an American-focused natural skincare manufacturer headquartered in Naples, Florida, and Toronto, Canada, serving boutique spas, salons, and retailers worldwide. They have more than 200 skin and hair care formulas, each made with high-content, naturally derived, and certified organic ingredients.

    hera beauty


    Location: UK
    Company Type: Manufacturer
    Date of establishment: 2011
    Main Products: Facial Care, Hair Care, Skin Care, Body Care
    Hera Beauty Ltd is a private label UK skincare manufacturer producing premium cosmetics using the highest quality natural ingredients. It mainly provides skin care product manufacturing and personalized customization services to Amazon sellers, Google independent website sellers, and multinational brands. The factory has passed GMP certification.



    Location: Canada
    Company Type: Manufacturer
    Date of establishment: 1942
    Main Products: Facial Care, Hair Care, Skin Care, Body Care, Baby Care
    Delon Laboratories is a Canadian skincare manufacturer offering competitive prices and quality products. It mainly provides customers with formula development, packaging orders, and personalized customization services. Through the US FDA, Health Canada, ISO22716, GOTS certification.

    skincare manufacturer


    My Skincare Manufacturer
    Location: Australia
    Company Type: Manufacturer
    Date of establishment: 2009
    Main Products: Facial Care, Hair Care, Body Care, Baby Care
    My Skincare Manufacturer is an Australian all-natural skincare manufacturer that has been providing manufacturing services to well-known high-end brands and small start-ups since its establishment in 2009. They manufacture their skin care products in Australia strictly according to GPM regulations and provide high-quality, all-natural skin care products without any harmful synthetic or chemical ingredients and preservatives.

    03.How to define the MOQ for private label natural skin care products?

    · MOQ is determined by the minimum order quantity of raw materials, packaging materials, and production equipment.
    · Raw material minimum order quantity
    In most factories, the minimum emulsifying machine capacity is 30KG, so it should produce at least 30KG lotion, cream, toner, or serum. Otherwise, it isn’t easy to control the parameters of the emulsifying machine. For example, the MOQ for 30ml toner is 1000pc, based on the MOQ of the machine capacity.

    · The minimum order quantity for packaging materials
    The minimum order quantity of packaging materials varies by material type. Ariel cosmetic has standard packaging materials commonly used in the market so that start-up brands can reduce their procurement costs. The table below has attached the MOQ for commonly used materials.

    04.How to define all-natural skin care products?

    · Natural skin care products are characterized by high levels of natural ingredients, i.e., raw materials from nature. Most of these ingredients are aloe vera, rose, and argan oils. NaTrue Natural and Organic Cosmetics Certification Body were created by the leading European natural and organic cosmetic manufacturers collectively. It is currently the most neutral and stringent natural and organic cosmetic certification body widely used globally. It has the following criteria for natural skin care products.
    1. The formula must contain 95% or more natural ingredients and cannot contain petrochemicals (long-term excessive use of petrochemicals can cause kidney, liver, and respiratory problems, rashes, and hair loss)
    2. Does not contain Parabens, SLS, chemical sunscreen ingredients, and phthalates
    3. No live animal testing
    4. The packaging used must be degradable and environmentally friendly

    05.How is private label different from white-label?

    · Degree of customization
    White label means that the product has been produced in advance by the manufacturer, and the seller can only customize the packaging on the product’s surface. Compared with their own brands, the seller can choose the formula of the supplier and make some minor changes. The packaging can also choose the material they want and make some pattern customization on the packaging surface.

    · Product differentiation
    Because white label products are stock products from suppliers, they can be supplied to different sellers. But for, private label sellers can make some differences in formula and packaging, which also means they are more competitive in the market.

    · Cost and return on investment
    The business models of white label and private label products are different, and the investment and return between the two will be very different.
    White label products focus more on sales efficiency. It needs to spend more money on product advertising to popularize the product because there will be many sellers who sell the same product.
    For private label products, it needs to pay extra fees, including product development, design, marketing, advertising, etc., and these jobs need professionals to complete. Although sellers pay a high cost, they can sell exclusively with a higher return on investment.

    · Brand effect
    Sellers choose white-label products and do not pay too much attention to product differences. Although they are also selling products, other sellers also sell the same products, so the product does not help the brand effect.
    Sellers choose their brand products, which are customized differently from other sellers’ products. With the accumulation of product sales and market share, it will help to enhance the brand effect. Customers who buy these products for a long time will remember the brand and silently enhance the brand’s influence.

    · Suggest
    If you are a new seller and do not have enough workforce and financial resources, you can choose white-label products to sell under your brand in the early stage. After developing for some time, you have accumulated a certain amount of funds and strength. Create your brand model.
    Suppose you are a seller or enterprise with specific experience and have prepared a business plan. In that case, you can choose the private brand model so that your product has a unique competitive advantage in the market and obtains higher profits.

    06.How much does starting a private label natural skincare manufacturing project cost?