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Skin Care

We have whole series of skincare products for professional beauty salons based on our 20 years experience in beauty salon skincare industrial. We follow some basic rules for our products development.

1st, simple but professional formulation for specific skin problem.

The effects will be different if some key ingredients and percentage is different. Our specific product formulation is for dedicated skin problem. For examples VC serum, we have different formulations for whitening, lightening, anti-oxidants, anti-wrinkle, Soothing respectively. It is quite different from common VC serum from the market.

Ascorbic Acid 10% + Alpha Arbutin 3% + Puri-Six 1% for whitening
Ascorbic Acid 3% + Copper Peptides 0.5% for anti-wrinkle & skin lightening
Ascorbic Acid 3% + Carnosine 1% for antioxidant properties scavenging free radicals
Ascorbic Acid 1% + Sodium Guaiazulene Sulfonate 3% for soothe & repair sensitive skin
Ascorbic Acid 3% + Niacinamide 5% for skin lightening

2nd, Environment Friendly. To support customers demand for “cleaning” formulations, we have developed whole series of all natural formulations to meet high end customers’ requirements. And all our formulations can meet regulations of EU and FDA, all the materials we used are imported from Europe too so that can meet high level regulations requirements. All the products we produced or materials we used are cruelty free and have not done animal tests.

3rd, different skincare for different skin types and users from different regions. We have different series of skincare for different skin types as dry skin, oily skin, common skin, sensitive skin, black skin, Asia skin, Europe skin, etc. We try to make sure the skincare are really effective and suitable for the specific user skin. You can sort the series of skincare that suitable for you by the key word from our web, or just simply message our contact person then we can make recommendation to you.

4th, simplify packaging. We would like to provide customers real effective cosmetics with competitive price, without extra cost in the packaging. In our current package, we try to use simple or standard package for all our skincare. But we can make customized package per customers’ special requirements if customers want to use luxury package to promote their products image in the market.

5th, High Quality. Quality is the key to our success in the market since the last 20 years, we put top priority for the quality. Our factory is FDA registered factory, and we are certified by GMPC and ISO22716. Our laboratory can make all routine testing to skincare as microbiological test, formulation stability test, skin cell test, and effects test, etc.. All the products we produced have to be tested and then can be shipped out only pass the tests.

We have different series of mature formulations from high effect formulation for professional beauty salons or clinics, to simplify formulation for dedicated skin problem. To meet high quality standard, especially EU & FDA regulations, all our formulations are compliance with these regulations. Further more we try to develop formulations to meet “cleaning formulation” and environment friendly formulation that required by high end customers. All our materials used can meet these regulations too, so that more than 90% of our raw materials are imported from international brand suppliers from Europe, USA, Australia, or Japan with associated test reports and licenses.

We have systematic process for products verification from formulation research, samples build, to mass production products to make sure the products quality is good when deliver to customers. There are 3 steps for products verification during products development stage, in production stage, and pre-shipment stage.

Product Development Stage
Safety assessment
We practice various testing by using testing devices and actual person’s skin to inspect during formulation development stage. Our goal is to develop lower stimulated product. Therefore, we execute inspection on both raw materials and formulations.

Stability assessment
To maintain high quality by elaborate inspection of assuming all the possible cases, we perform both stability test and preservative challenge test besides routine microbiological test. Therefore we are confident that our developed products are safe to use for long time.

Functionality assessment
We implement a various validation test to verify the new formulation has the designed effects. Tests include level of cell such as 3-dimensional cultured skin model (reproduced of human’s cell and skin) and also observation of actual use by person.

In Production Stage
Inspection for raw and packaging material
Inspect whether received raw-materials and packaging materials comply with standards. Functionality inspection (fitting matching, air tightness, indication) of container. Standard inspection of raw-material (appearance, physicality, viable bacteria).

Quality inspection of mixing and bulk

  • PH inspection – Viscosity inspection – Appearance inspection – Odor inspection – Usability inspection – Microbiological inspection

On-line inspection

  • Weight inspection – Lot printing confirmatory inspection – Indication inspection – Damage and contamination inspection

Off-line inspection

  • Inspection of opening and closing torque – Appearance inspection – Lot printing confirmatory inspection – Damage and contamination inspection

Pre-Shipment Stage
Inspection before shipping
-Inspector checks final products by sampling. Products which passed the inspections are only shipped out- Appearance inspection – Microbiological inspection – pH inspection – Viscosity inspection – Odor inspection – Specific weight inspection – Quantity inspection

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