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A Guide to the Services Provided by Skin Care Suppliers

At the beginning of the rise of international trade, as long as manufacturers relied on mature technology to produce high-quality products, buyers would take the initiative to purchase the products. As a buyer, you need to find your own logistics carrier, prepare export documents, and handle a series of issues such as customs declaration. With the changing external environment, accelerated technological changes, intense competition and other factors, buyers’ demands are becoming more and more diverse and wide-ranging. Buyers prefer suppliers who can provide “one-stop” services, which can save a lot of time in dealing with different suppliers, as well as save energy and costs. As the world’s largest manufacturing country, China has already seen many companies transforming from manufacturing to service-oriented in the 21st century, and are no longer a single manufacturer. These services, as services that produce intangible components, increase the value and sales of items, and help buyers and sellers establish long-term cooperative relationships and achieve more win-win situations! If you plan to start a career in the skin care product industry, do you know what kind of services manufacturers can provide you? If you are preparing to enter the skin care industry and want to know what services Chinese skin care product suppliers can provide you, or you are a brand owner who has been selling skin care products for many years and is confused by the limited services currently provided by suppliers and want to know the what other problems can they help you solve? Today we will introduce to you what services skin care product suppliers can provide us!

Core Service

OEM (Original Equipments Manufacturer)
refers to the original equipment manufacturer, that is, it produces products according to the needs of buyers. However, the manufacturer does not label the products as its own, but sells the products to buyers, and it is up to the buyers’ minds that whether they want to label the product their own. If the buyer has registered a brand trademark and completed planning and design, OEM service is a good choice. Buyers can entrust skin care product factories to help with a series of processes such as product planning, packaging design, formula development, production, and packaging. This kind of service can reduce production costs; And the entrusted manufacturer is not allowed to provide products using the design to third parties, which also protects the buyer’s intellectual property rights and entrepreneurship. This method is also suitable for those skin care brand companies who want to focus on brand promotion and marketing!

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) means that formula development, production management, etc. are all handled by the skin care product processing factory. The brand owner only needs to be responsible for operation and sales, and in expanding sales channels. This is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises that lack core technology, but hope to launch new products to occupy the market. ODM is an overall design carried out by the manufacturer, which is completed from design to production and is purchased by the licensor after the product is formed. If you have your own brand trademark, but do not have a planning and design packaging team, and want a more customized cosmetics brand, but do not want to conduct product development and production completely independently, then ODM is a good choice.

02Private Label

Private Label
In a previous article, we said that White Label is to put your own brand on products that are already on the market and make your own packaging. Private Label is a step further than White Label. For White Label, the product is still the product of the factory itself, but the packaging and brand have been changed, while for Private Label, it refers to products designed, manufactured, and sold by retailers or brands themselves, which are differentiated from products of other brands. Private labels are usually sold under the retailer’s brand or trademark, and unlike mass-market brands, their production and sales are often controlled by the retailer itself. Private brands are increasingly used in foreign trade. First, private labels can help retailers build closer relationships with consumers. By providing self-designed products, retailers can better meet consumer needs and increase consumer loyalty to the retailer. Second, private labels can help retailers increase profit margins. However, brand building is a long and complex process that requires retailers to invest a lot of time and resources.

03Brand Agent

Brand Agent
A brand agent is a contract in which a manufacturer grants a person or company the right to sell its products. Generally speaking, brand agents can obtain brand products at a lower discount and then sell them at a unified retail price. The price difference becomes the main source of profit for brand agents. The core of a brand agent is to open up the market. The broader the market and the greater the sales volume, the greater the profits the agent will earn. It does not need to use its own working capital, does not need to have a large amount of inventory, and the risks it bears are relatively small. Generally speaking, agents will also be regional agents, provincial agents, and national agents. Depending on the popularity of the product you want to represent, the more well-known the brand, the higher the agency threshold will be. Although niche brands do not have high fees, in general, the financial requirements are relatively high. After all, brand agents have to control an area.

Value-added Services

In addition to the above three main service methods, skin care product suppliers can also provide the following services.1) Credit cards are safer than carrying cash.

04Formula Development
Formula Development
For many skin care startups that do not have their own R&D teams, suppliers will provide customers with choices from their existing formula products that meet the customer’s requirements based on the customer’s production needs, production cost, price budget, and functional requirements, that is, providing sampling experience. If the customer is satisfied, bulk production can be processed according to the sample. If you want to make your own skin care products, do not have a formula, and want to quickly launch a mature product, then you can choose to have the product formula provided by a cosmetics processing factory. The skin care product factories have mature formulas for you to choose from, and you can also customize them according to your needs, developing customized formulas is an advantageous and convenient option, and is completely feasible and mature.

05Packaging Solution

Packaging Solution
In order to facilitate transportation and allow buyers to sell products faster, most skin care product suppliers now provide professional services of matching packaging. We can also source packaging materials, print packaging boxes, instructions, labels, design, and order according to buyers’ requirements. This saves buyers a lot of effort in dealing with different suppliers. It is also conducive to the development of after-sales service.

Free Design & Sampling
Many skin care product suppliers basically provide free designs to buyers. The difficulty of a product lies in the design of the outer packaging. Generally, skin care product OEM factories will provide this service to customers. Without design, the world would lack many beautiful products. Regarding pattern making, general suppliers will provide a free inventory of existing samples for buyers to check the quality, and buyers only need to pay the shipping fee; As for customized samples, some skin care product suppliers will provide customized samples for free in order to seek cooperation. However, some skin care product suppliers will require paid samples at the beginning of cooperation, after the cooperation becomes stable, they will also provide free customized samples.

Free Photograph
For new start-up skin care products brands, the team may only have one or a few people. Without a professional photography team, the brand owner also has to spend time hiring people to take photos of the products, which will cause additional costs and time. If you purchase the supplier’s stock products, that is, RTS(ready-to-ship) products, the supplier can provide the original pictures to the buyers for free, and the buyers can save time and money on photography. Once they have the pictures, they can quickly upload them to the website. , or social platforms and other channels to promote products. But if it is a customized product and requires professional photography, it depends on the decision of the buyer and the seller, and these can be negotiated.

06After Sales Service

After-Sales Service
After-sales service is an important indicator of customer satisfaction. Skin care products companies also have a complete after-sales service system. Based on customer feedback and needs, they promptly solve customer problems, provide high-quality after-sales service, and enhance customer loyalty and word-of-mouth effects.

Logistics Support
Skin care products Suppliers can also provide logistics services. Not only can it help you solve transportation problems and save you the trouble of communicating with logistics companies, but the supplier will also follow up on the logistics status and update you on the transportation situation at any time. Even when goods arrive at the customs, they will friendly remind you to hurry up and assist with customs clearance duties and other matters.

In addition to the above main services, suppliers can also provide brand image building, such as through advertising, packaging, and other means to create a brand image that is consistent with customer needs. Skin care product suppliers will also provide customers with personalized services and suggestions based on the characteristics, personality, skin type, requirements, etc. of their end-consumers; as well as design product planning, etc. He who wants to start a skin care company wants to enter the beauty and skin care industry or wants to make their own facial masks, sunscreens, essences, lotions, and other products will have these unclear questions when looking for cosmetics processing factories.

Choose a professional cosmetics processing factory, communicate and understand, and you can fully solve your doubts. If you still want to know what other services skin care product suppliers can provide, you can send us a private message; or if you want to know how to find a professional and suitable supplier, you are welcome to leave us a message! If you want to know more about operating a skin care product brand, please follow us!

Create Value To Customers

We are always thinking about the question what is the key value of our daily work, creating value to customers seems our top priority. Our business is to provide you with quality products that will assist you in customizing your vision of your product line and image. In doing so this supports a bottom line that will create higher profit margins while maintaining a minimized product inventory.